How to double the growth of our hair without the intervention of chemicals?

«HairIt is one of the main organs of the body to maintain beauty and self-confidence. On the other hand, follicles HairThere are a certain number of human beings on the head and body from birth to death. About 5 million hair follicles on the surface of the body and about 100,000 follicles that are specific HairAre the heads. As you age, some follicles stop producing hair, which in turn causes hair to fall out with age. But did you know that by following a few natural tips, you can treat severe hair loss in men and women and thinning hair, and cause healthy and beautiful hair to grow back quickly and quickly, even in old age? It is not bad to know that treating severe hair loss in men and treating severe hair loss in women with herbal medicines is not a difficult task.

1- Massage your hair

Liven up your hair with a “massage”. Massaging hair with natural oils and masks is one of the natural and easy ways to stimulate hair follicles to reduce severe hair loss, hair regrowth and increase their thickness. Spend time each day massaging your hair. In addition to helping hair regrow and grow faster, hair massage also relieves stress and anxiety.

Do not forget Aloe Vera

Using “aloe vera” to have healthy and beautiful hair is not related to today and yesterday. For thousands of years, aloe vera has been a natural and effective mask to stop severe hair loss, regrow healthy and beautiful hair, and treat thinning hair. In addition to its effect on hair softness and smoothness, aloe vera reduces dandruff and repairs follicles that may be blocked by oily scalp. Once a week, you can remove the gel from the aloe vera leaves with a spoon and apply it directly on the hair and gently massage. In addition, you can use shampoos and hair masks that contain aloe vera.

Source: Cute Iran