How to grow a beard? Movies, prices, tolls

What is a beard implant? What are the advantages and disadvantages of beard implantation? How much does a beard implant cost? A variety of beard implantation methods. What is the best beard transplant clinic? Tips that must be observed before and after beard implantation. Are there any side effects to beard implants? Who are the good candidates for beard implants? What causes beard and mustache loss?

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What is a beard implant?

In beard implants, hair is taken from another part of your body, usually the skin behind or under your chin, and transplanted to your face. On average, 4,000 to 7,000 hairs can be transplanted one at a time. Surgeons may use two hairs at each beard transplant to give the beard a more natural look. Most men who do beards do this to cover the scar, and there are few who do it just to improve their beard style. And to make themselves more attractive, they do beard transplants.

What are the benefits of beard implants?

1- Complete control for beauty:

You can give your beard any model and style you like, it is better if you have a specific model, show the photo to the doctor according to which beard implantation is done.

2- Creating more love and charm:

Many studies have shown that women like men whose hair is thick and tidy, and thus men are more attractive to women and more sexually attracted to men. In a study conducted in 2013 Men with full beards have been found to be the most attractive and best sexual partners as well as potential fathers.

But we not only want to win the hearts of women, we also want to win the respect of other men. This study showed that men also consider bearded men to be masculine and their words are more effective.

3- Minimal pain:

The incisions made in your face for beard implantation are so small that you do not feel any pain at all and local anesthesia is used for this purpose. You may feel the size of a small pinch of pain just by injecting anesthetic into your face.

4- Fast recovery:

A beard implant in the clinic may take between 4 and 5 hours, after which, after a few days, the swelling and slight redness that has formed will resolve. In very rare cases, it may not be done completely in one session and may need to be done in two sessions.

5- You can trim and shape your beard like before the beard implant operation:

Your new hair follicles are implanted permanently, so your beard grows like any other and can be trimmed and styled.

6- Real treatment: Beard implantation is the only permanent and effective treatment method.

Disadvantages of beard implantation:

1- Hair transplant from another place:

Most of the time, beard hair is used for beard implants, so the hair is a little thinner than the facial beard. But in general, it completely covers the bald patches and will not be visible.

2- Implanted hair loss after 2 to 3 weeks:

Hair implanted in the beard will fall out after 2 to 3 weeks, but this is a natural and temporary complication, and after the period determined by the doctor, the hair will start growing again and will go through its normal process.

3- Reduction of hair bank reserves: The most suitable follicles for implantation in the face and head are the follicles behind the head. If we use these follicles to grow a beard, we may not have enough hair follicles to grow in the future.

4- Beard implants are expensive:

Usually, the cost of hair transplants, beard transplants, and eyebrow transplants performed by a carbald and specialist doctor is high, and in some places you can find them at a lower price, but be sure to research beforehand, and if beauty and health are important to you, you should Leave the beard implant procedure to an experienced and specialized doctor. According to the British, do not hand yourself over to a cowboy surgeon.

Types of beard implantation methods:

FUE beard implantation:

Fue is the most common method used to grow a beard, in which the hair (follicle) is removed from the desired location and transplanted to the desired location.

The beard implant takes 2 to 5 hours and only small circular scars are left where the hair follicles are removed. Some clinics do this manually, while others do. They use mechanical assistance. This type of beard implant has a faster recovery time than other options, and most people who undergo this procedure have little or no discomfort.

Beard implantation by FUT method:

Another major type of follicle transplant (FUT) is also called surgery or tape, which removes a strip from the back of the head or hair behind the ear or under the chin, and divides the strip into individual follicles and hair follicles. And it is implanted in the desired place, the removed place due to the suture takes about 2 months to heal and it is true that this time is long but after the wound is very delicate and is not recognizable. In this method, because more hair can be used for implantation, you can have a fuller beard.

Beard implantation by SUT method:

One of the modern methods is beard implantation. In this method, an automatic punch is used to remove the grafts from the back of the head, which causes less damage to the hair follicles and the work speed is faster, and the continuation of the hair transplantation process is done as a fit. If we want to explain more: Sut implants can greatly increase the density of your beard and not cost you much. You should know that having a suitable hair bank is one of the main conditions in sut beard implantation. It is possible to transplant in different areas of the face in beard implantation by sut method.

In this method, there is no severe bleeding and long-term surgery and no side effects. Also, the recovery period of beard implantation by sut method is very short. Zero to one hundred beard implants in this method are done by the machine. The use of the device causes no damage to the harvested grafts and the full capacity of the hair bank is used optimally.

Beard implantation

Tips to follow before growing a beard:

1- You are asked to take some precautionary measures before the beard implantation, for example, 10 days before the beard implantation, do not take any medicine that contains aspirin. You should also not take anti-inflammatory drugs or drink alcohol for three days before the operation.

Taking vitamin C tablets once a day for a full week before a beard transplant will help your recovery process faster.

3. Do not consume caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy) on the day of your visit to the clinic. Caffeine increases bleeding and sensitivity to drugs.

Who are good candidates for beard implants:

1- As long as you have healthy hair on your scalp, you can do beard implants. Beard and mustache implants can be done from the age of 24. Of course, a person’s hair and beard must be examined by a doctor, and if approved, it is possible to have a beard or mustache implant. Because the beard is completed at the age of 30 and You can wait until then and if you do not get results, start planting.

2- Beard implantation is suitable for those who have a short beard and mustache, parts of their beard or mustache are bald or do not have a congenital beard and mustache.

3- Those who intend to have a beard implant only to make their face more beautiful and are familiar with all the limitations and complications of this treatment method. And…

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