How to hold student exams

Khosrow Saki Head of the Ministry of Education Quality Assessment and Monitoring Center Education Regarding the holding of exams in the first semester of the academic year 1499-1399 in all academic courses, he stated: In conditions where the physical presence of students is possible, the evaluation of students’ academic progress is done in accordance with the relevant regulations of the study courses and in full compliance with health procedures.

Referring to the red conditions for the outbreak of coronary heart disease in some areas, Saki said: “In the absence of physical presence of daily school students in the first and second years of high school, the evaluation of academic progress in January in the first high school, second high school theoretical branch” , General courses, non-technical competencies and technical base of the technical and professional branch and its skills are done in absentia under the responsibility of the teacher and under the supervision of the school principal. In this case, the score of the final exams is determined by holding an online test in the Shad system or other systems approved by the school council and the formative evaluation score using the documents and evidence collected from the educational activities of students in the first semester. .

Head of Assessment and Monitoring Center Educational quality He added: If at the discretion of the teacher and with the approval of the school principal, the possibility of final evaluation online is not available, the teacher can use the first formative evaluation to determine the final grade of students.

He said: “Evaluation of internal courses and final exams of 12th grade students of day schools who failed to get a passing score in some courses in September, and evaluation of academic progress in the first half of the year, non-final courses of free volunteers and adult school students , Distance education, Veterans, based on the following note of paragraph 9 approved by the 977th session on December 4, 1999 of the Higher Education Council and the license of the Center for Communicable Diseases Management, in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations, in all conditions in full compliance with health procedures It is done in person.

Referring to the failure of some students from previous years, Saki said: “Pre-university students who have not graduated from previous years can take the final exams of the equivalent of twelfth grade after the courses have been adapted.”