How to prepare Majlisi jelly at home

How to prepare Majlisi jelly at home

In the following report, we will teach you how to prepare jelly baslooq.

According to reports ILNA, Baslooq Jelly is one of the sweets that we often entertain our guests during Nowruz and Yalda night. The combination of this delicious dessert with a variety of hot drinks, especially tea, is wonderful. Today, we will teach you how to prepare jelly in style so that you can make it at home and be sure of its quality and health.

Ingredients for preparing jelly paste

Jelly powder (optional flavor) one pack

One measure of sugar

Half a cup of flower starch

One measure of boiling water

Two measures of cold water

Pasteurized butter a tablespoon

Two tablespoons of rose water

Powdered sugar or coconut powder to decorate as needed

How to prepare jelly

In a saucepan, mix the jelly powder with a pint of boiling water. To make sure the jelly powder dissolves, put it on indirect heat (do this by the method, you can put the container on the kettle and stir). Allow the ingredients to cool.

Mix the starch with two glasses of cold water, stir until well dissolved in the water. Then add the starch solution to the jelly.

Place the pot on a low heat and stir constantly until clear. Add sugar, butter and rose water to these ingredients (be careful because the ingredients will thicken and boil a little during this time).

It takes about 30 to 45 minutes for the ingredients to thicken enough, then remove from the heat and allow to cool.

After it has cooled well, lubricate the ingredients by hand; Cut into small balls (walnut size) and flatten the bottom. Roll the balls in powdered sugar or coconut as desired and serve in the desired dish.

Source: Kaleh Book