How to relieve neck pain using mobile?

Aref Saeedi, a sports injury specialist and lecturer at the University of Tehran, said: “Most people after using a tablet or phone for a long time.” Mobile During which the neck is bent downwards, they experience burning or cramping in the neck area. In fact, these signs are serious warnings for these people about the proper way to read books, watch TV and look at the phone. Mobile ، Use, also those who lie down and bend over on the sofa with the phone Mobile They work on their own, while injuring their necks, their spines are severely disturbed, the correct way is to place the mobile phone or tablet exactly in front of people’s faces. Of course, in order not to get tired and irritated in this method, we must put a support for the under arm. In fact, we should place the elbow on a support such as the handle of a chair so that the hand does not get tired and injured. If you use a desk to use a computer or tablet, be sure to choose a chair with a handle.

How to strengthen the muscles of the neck and back of the shoulders?

“There are some simple exercises to strengthen the neck and back muscles, especially for students, which are suitable in the days of using online training,” said the sports injury specialist. The first and most important advice to parents is to teach their children how to sit properly when receiving online training, because it is not appropriate to use methods such as excessive bending, lying down and lying on the abdomen. It should be noted that all people should stay away from these incorrect methods to avoid serious injuries to the spine and neck. We recommend that you do not use a brace to avoid incorrect methods in using a mobile phone; Because it causes progressive weakness and inefficiency in the muscles. The best and most important advice for all ages is to use the correct and correct methods when working with a mobile phone or reading a book to prevent any damage to the muscles of the neck and spine.

Source: Young Journalists Club