I like the effect of motherhood on acting / child labor – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter, Fariba Naderi, a film and television actress, appeared on the “Iranian” Yalda program that aired last night, December 20, and said about working in Corona: “We sacrifice our lives and go to work so that people do not go anywhere and their health Be supplied.

He continued: “A few nights ago, when I was talking to a friend on a video, I was telling him how we would see each other in person after the corona was over. Because we are so used to virtual communication that face-to-face communication is difficult for us.

Naderi also said about his activities these days: “I do not have any movies or series at the moment, but a while ago, despite my strict observance, I got corona and even my daughter got it, and it was really hard days.”

The actor added: “I was a guest in several episodes of the” Bacheh Mahal “series, and I also played in three seasons of the” From Destiny “series, the fourth season of which will be produced this year.”

He said about his presence in child labor: “Child labor should be taken more seriously and because our audience is children, everything should not be taken as a joke.” “Bacheh Mahal” is a good program and pays attention to all of them. I want to be involved in child-related work that respects these.

Naderi continued: “After becoming a mother, I think of a mother even in my plays, and it makes my sense of playing the role of a mother smoother, and I can better communicate with the child actor in the opposite role, as exemplified by the series” From Destiny “.

Regarding his relationship with children while playing in a play, he said: “Basically, when an actor plays a role, it takes time for him to distance himself from that role, especially if he has been away from the role.” But it is much more exciting when you want to work with a child, and it has the advantage that you spend more time with the child and become like him.

“My life is divided into two seasons before and after the birth of my child, and I prefer to be with my daughter in any situation,” Naderi concluded.