Identification of a new type of coronavirus in three European countries

The World Health Organization has announced the emergence of a new strain of the coronavirus previously found in the UK in the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia.

The Dutch government has said it will begin work with other EU member states to investigate the possible spread of a new type of coronavirus in the coming days.

Experts note that the new type of corona virus is spreading faster than the virus already known, but it is not yet possible to talk about its greater danger.

In addition, there is no evidence that the virus mutation reacts differently to the vaccine, and the country closes its flights with Britain until January 1, because in early December, the World Health Organization identified the risk of a new corona virus mutation. Sars Covid-2, found in England.

On December 14, the British Minister for Health announced that a new strain of coronavirus, SARS Quaid-2, had been discovered in the country and was spreading faster than its original form.

“The virus is easily transmitted from person to person and is therefore more contagious,” he said.

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