Identification of the British krona in Pakistan

According to official Pakistani sources, the Sindh state government in the south of the country on Tuesday approved the transfer of the English version of the corona to Karachi, the capital of the state.

Twelve Pakistanis have been identified as returning from the UK in the city of Karachi, and tests show six people with coronavirus, three of whom have been found with the coronavirus mutation.

The Sindh Health Department of Pakistan is trying to identify and test all people who were in contact with three of their returning nationals by transferring people with the coronary heart disease to private care centers.

In response to the escalation of the corona in Saudi Arabia and the simultaneous spread of new strains of the virus in the UK, the Pakistani government has suspended all domestic and private flights to the country and banned passengers from entering British cities.

Since the outbreak of coronation in Pakistan (ie since March 27, 1998), 9,992 coronary heart disease patients have died. A total of 475,494 people have coronary heart disease.