Immediate / Banana became 40 thousand Tomans!

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Fars, the field report states; The price of each kilogram of banana in the central fruit and vegetable market of Tehran is 38,000 Tomans, and this imported product is sold in the Tehran market for more than 40,000 Tomans per kilogram.

Bananas have not been offered in the fruit and vegetable fields of Tehran Municipality for a long time because they do not match the approved prices.

A shopkeeper in Tehran’s 19th district said: “The price of bananas has become too high and we really do not know the reason.” Prices in the central square of fruits and vegetables are very high and the retail price in the northern areas of Tehran has reached 50,000 tomans, but in weaker areas we have to sell at a lower price.

Bananas are one of the four fruits allowed for import, which are mainly imported from African countries.

It is said that the import of this product is more exclusive and it is imported by people whose number does not even reach the fingers.

Banana is a tropical fruit and is not grown commercially in our country. This product has been imported to the country for the past years and changed the taste of the people towards this product, so that now this fruit is used as a luxury product in parties or a fruit suitable for visits.

Experts believe that God created every product based on the region and the needs of human beings, and if the product does not grow in a region, it means that the human beings in that region do not need the substances and salts contained in that fruit.