Impact of edta and boric acid on the environment

Edta 2 sodium

Sodium EDTA 2, also known as ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA), is a chemical that protects perennials as a fat and helps stems grow. In addition, it is used in industry and medicine.

Edta 2 sodium was first produced in 1935. This solid is colorless and can be dissolved in water. One of the uses of Edta 2 Sodium is to dissolve limestone. It is used in the laboratory to scrap metal ions, in biochemistry and biomolecules to reduce ions and inactivate metal-dependent enzymes, and in analytical chemistry to analyze water hardness and as a filtering agent. .

Other uses include ophthalmology and veterinary medicine (preventing the development of animal corneal ulcers), agriculture (improving soil quality), pharmacy (removing heavy metals such as lead or mercury from the blood), cosmetics and detergents. (Sequencing factor to improve air stability), textile (color change of color products) and …. All of this, along with many other uses and benefits, has led to increasing sales of edta di sodium as an important ingredient.

Edta 4 sodium

Another widely used chemical is edta 4 sodium. This white substance is soluble in water and acid but insoluble in alcohol and other solvents. Adta 4 Sodium, also known as aminostratic ethylene acid, is used in a variety of industries, including textiles and fabric dyeing, water purification, paper production, cosmetics and personal care, color photography, agriculture, and more. has it.

Edta 2 Sodium and Edta 4 Sodium are both used in skin care products and have similar uses. Among the differences between these two substances, which can be distinguished from their names, is the number of sodium cations in these two substances. The same issue affects the pH range of these substances and causes the pH of Edta 4 sodium to be 10-11 and the pH of Edta 2 sodium to be 4-6. Sales of Adta 4 Sodium, like Adta 2 Sodium, are high due to its wide range of applications, and various artisans need this material to produce their products.

Boric acid

Boric acid is a chemical found in the form of white crystalline crystals and is found naturally (in combination with other elements, of course) in water, natural volcanoes, and sea salts. This substance has antifungal and antiviral properties and is a natural element in various minerals.

One of the most important and main uses of boric acid is its use in insecticides and insect control (locusts, spiders and fungi). This substance removes moisture from the body and causes dehydration in the body and eventually leads to death.

For this reason, hospitals, commercial buildings and residential areas go to buy boric acid and products containing this substance to kill insects and pests. Boric acid is a weak boric acid and is a flame retardant, disinfectant and promoter of chemical compounds.

Other products containing boric acid include soil conditioners, fertilizers, household cleaners, detergents and personal care products. Boric acid can be found in swimming pools and hot water chemicals, natural drugs and health products, cleansers, pesticides and cosmetics.


Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, and dithiorelate, is one of the most important natural minerals and is a boron compound that can be found in soil and plants. This white powder has several applications, including the use of this substance in the production of insecticides, detergents and cosmetics, disinfectants, etc.

It also has medicinal and therapeutic aspects and is used to prevent osteoarthritis, improve throat swelling, treat urinary tract infections, treat cancer, increase testosterone levels, treat uterine inflammation and eliminate menstrual problems. Pishgaman Shimi Company is one of the trading companies active in the field of supplying chemicals and importing raw materials, and you can refer to the company’s website to know the price of borax and order this product.