Implementation of important projects in low-income neighborhoods shows the serious concern of the municipality

According to the Borna news agency in East Azerbaijan, Alireza Monadi, while attending the projects of connecting the Aun Bin Ali parking bridge to the Pasdaran highway, the ramp of Vali Amr and the reopening of the melazinal, showed the implementation of these projects in low-income areas. Solving the problems and problems of the citizens in these areas, he said: the municipality of District 1 has shone very brightly in this regard.

The representative of the people of Tabriz, Osko, Azarshahr in the Islamic Consultative Assembly added: “Some of these projects were the dream of the people for many years who followed the situation and solved their problems, but no result was achieved. One of them is the reopening of the Malazinal path, which is a worthy decision and a firm determination.