Important name of the Minister of Health to the Minister of Roads

According to Eghtesadnews, the text of Dr. Saeed Namaki’s letter addressed to the Islamic engineer states:

“According to the received report, recently a mutated type of COVID-19 virus has been observed in some countries, especially in the United Kingdom, which has a high probability of high pathogenicity, so in order to take precautionary measures, please order all airline flights from this date.” Iranian flights to the United Kingdom and vice versa will be canceled and canceled.

“Thank you for your kind words.”

Necessity of careful study of travelers from British origin to Iran

Following this correspondence, Namaki also issued a letter to Dr. Reisi, Deputy Minister of Health at the Ministry of Health, ordering a thorough investigation of those entering directly or indirectly from the UK.

According to the report, the letter emphasizes the need to carefully examine passengers from British origin to Iran, perform testing, quarantine and full care of them, and intensify monitoring and surveillance and conduct COVID-19 at all air entry points, especially flights from the origin. European countries are taking place, it is emphasized.

The full text of the letter of the Minister of Health to Dr. Reisi – Deputy Minister of Health states:

“Following the negotiations and previous letters on the careful examination of those who enter directly or indirectly from the UK, as well as the temporary suspension of domestic airlines to that country, it is necessary to pay special attention to the following: Take:

1. Immediately, all those who have entered the country directly or indirectly from the UK during the last two weeks will be examined and will be under quarantine and full care until the results of the relevant tests are determined.

2. Due to the relations of the United Kingdom with other countries, especially European countries, it is necessary that all air entry points, especially flights originating from European countries, are closely monitored, monitored and COVID-19 tests performed, as well as the clinical signs of those admitted. Examine carefully.

Of course, the mentioned control and supervision will include all land and sea borders in addition to air borders. “It is necessary to send a daily report of the actions taken to my office in implementation of this instruction.”