Important news about Corona vaccine / What is the corona vaccine available in Iran? + Important details

According to the Khabar Azad website, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health said: “We can reach an acceptable production of Fakhra vaccine in July 1400.”

Second Brigadier General Reza Allahvorn, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support, said about the Iranian vaccine of Covid Nineteen “Fakhra”: “The first injection of this vaccine was given to the son of Martyr Fakhri Zadeh.” The corona vaccine will then be injected into 25 volunteers.

Steps of corona vaccine trial

He continued: “This vaccine was prepared from the platform of the killed virus and we very much hope that it will successfully complete the trial stages and be mass-produced.”

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Armed Forces Support thanked the Ministry of Health and said: “The Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration have cooperated well with the Ministry of Defense in issuing the necessary approvals and permits.” I hope that after injecting the vaccine to the son of Martyr Fakhrizadeh, we will be able to take an effective step to combat this evil disease, and we very much hope that we will be able to vaccinate many of the armed forces and the people of our country against the Corona virus.

Mass production of corona vaccine

In response to a question about the time of mass production of Fakhra vaccine, he said: “Any such scientific project must go through its own research stages.” This vaccine, like any other vaccine, has three phases, the first phase of which has begun, and God willing, after receiving the necessary approvals, we will enter the second and third phases of production.

In the end, Allahorn reminded: If all the desired steps are done well, we can reach an acceptable production in terms of quality in July 1400.

Phases two and three of clinical studies of Kovayran Barakat vaccine started this morning and after confirming the results of the first phase of clinical trial and licensing, by injecting on the volunteers.

Dr. Hamed Hosseini, Director of the Clinical Studies Group of the Iranian Corona Vaccine and Head of the Human Testing Team for the Corona Vaccine of the Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini (RA), stated that Phase One was conducted with 56 volunteers: “Today we are happy that Phase Two and Three of the clinical trial starts.

He added: “At this stage, a population of 300 people will be vaccinated.” We do several studies at the same time. Also, the age variation and age groups are different.

Saeed Namaki said: “More than a year has passed since the management of Corona and the very difficult days that we were in the throes of livelihood and lack of currency and rials and oppressive sanctions, sanctions imposed by countries that when we were saddened by the death of Corona And they rejoiced in our deaths.

Saeed Namaki said: “On Tuesday morning this week, the Sepand Corona vaccine will be unveiled at the Ministry of Defense to inform the people of the world about our progress.”

Saeed Namaki, Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, today (Sunday, March 15) at the unveiling ceremony of the new mobile hospital systems specialized in biotechnology with the approach of fighting coronary heart disease, while congratulating Imam Hussein on his birthday and Revolutionary Guards Day, said: They are not natives and they are the guardians of the morality and exaltation of this land and I kiss each and every one of their hands.

Namaki said: “More than a year has passed since the management of Corona and the very difficult days that we were in the throes of livelihood and lack of currency and rials and oppressive sanctions, including sanctions by countries that when we were saddened by the deaths of coronas, the number of patients increased And they rejoiced in our deaths.

He said that our enemies wanted to see the high number of our deaths, adding: “Today, thanks to God and the national unity of Islamic Iran, as one of the proudest countries in the field of virus management, it shone and our deaths are still in double digits.” We were moving towards the border of the number of single-digit deaths per day that Khuzestan and the mutated virus disrupted our programs.

The Minister of Health said: “As my last words in 1999, I must say that the secret of managing this scourge of women was first of all God’s grace to the faithful, sincere and revolutionary people, and God did not leave our honorable people alone in this situation.”

Namaki continued: As long as the midnight prayers of a martyred mother and the heartbreaking sigh of a spinal amputee are ongoing, no factor will harm this soil. Also, without the support, guidance and observations of the Supreme Leader, it would not have been possible for me and my colleagues to manage this space.

He said: “The Supreme Leader has said many times that all the principles of the National Headquarters against Corona are binding and I will follow them.” Also, the powerful presence of the armed forces in these days helped us a lot and gave us motivation and peace.

The Corona Vaccine / Experiencing years of sacred defense has been the key to our success in the Corona Crisis

The Minister of Health emphasized: The presence of Sardar Salami in the early days of Corona encouraged me. We reduced our deaths by 60% in 50 days, and in less than two months we were able to change from an importer of artificial respiration devices, masks, etc. to a manufacturer and exporter, a statistic that can not be seen anywhere in the world.

“In addition to recurring natural disasters, we also have sworn enemies and new viruses, and we have experienced these difficult days,” Namaki said. Another factor in our success in the Corona crisis was gaining experience from years of sacred defense, which we were able to manage with Basij-like actions. First, we set up trenches against the virus, and then, with the best equipment, we went to war against this virus under the name of Sardar Shahid Qassem Soleimani.

“The most important factor in our success is the support of the people who helped us through the economic crisis and financial problems in the Corona crisis,” he said. Also, the jihadi management style of the officials under the leadership was very effective in controlling the disease.

The Ministry of Defense Sepa Corona vaccine will be unveiled on Tuesday

The Minister of Health stated: In the field of health system, when my brothers in the IRGC say that whenever you want to provide a mobile hospital with all the equipment to the honorable people, I am encouraged.

Namaki said: “I have a lot to say about the vaccine and on Tuesday morning this week, the Ministry of Defense will unveil the several national corona vaccines, namely Sepand vaccine, so that the people of the world are aware of our honors and progress.”

He said: “As small soldiers in the health system, we are happy with this brotherhood with the commanders and guards who are always serving the people in floods, earthquakes and wars.”

Mohammad Mokhber in the inauguration ceremony of the 99-bed mobile hospital of Ehsan, the executive headquarters of Imam Khomeini, and the fifth stage of the empathy and Ehsan exercise, which was held in the forty halls of Imam Khomeini Mosque, said that a good thing happened today with the opening of this hospital: It started last year.

He added: “Due to the accident-prone country and the possibility of floods and earthquakes, you demanded that we have the facilities for the occurrence of planets so that we can reach the people quickly.”

The head of the executive staff of Farman Imam stated that this hospital has an operating room, ultrasound machine, mammography, emergency room, pharmacy and all the equipment of a specialized hospital. He said: The mobile hospital normally goes to deprived areas, which of course is planned and planned. will be. In the event of an accident, he is immediately present at the scene and provides services.

The informant continued: “This hospital is connected to telemedicine and they can receive sub-specialized services from the mother hospitals.” We need at least 10 more hospitals with the capacity to be located in different areas and reach the people quickly. All the facilities of the hospital are ready and it is like moving a hospital from Tehran to other places within 24 hours.