Important news for students; Compensation classes are formed

Before noon today, Mohsen Haji Mirzaei, on the sidelines of the last cabinet meeting in 1399, stated: Planning to hold and hold compensatory classes next summer is one of our priorities to compensate for the education lost during the Corona.

He thanked the efforts of educators to continue the process of quality education, in the virtual context during the year 99, he stated: Certainly, in the past year, extensive activities have been carried out to provide educational services to students. But we still need to make a more accurate assessment and anticipate and implement compensatory activities for some students who, for whatever reason, have been deprived of quality education or need compensatory activities.

Regarding the presence or absence of classrooms in the new year, the Minister of Education said: “The Ministry of Education has always requested the presence or absence of educational activities, but the presence or absence of schools depends on the decision of the National Corona Headquarters.”

He concluded: “So far, the National Corona Headquarters has not allowed us to attend classes and provide face-to-face training due to concerns about students’ health.” If next year’s conditions are like today, we will continue the training through the virtual platform, and if we get permission from the Corona National Headquarters, we will have face-to-face training.