Important news for today’s stock market / Why are shareholders hopeful?

According to Tejarat News, yesterday the price of the dollar decreased to 25,800,000 Tomans and the price of coins to 11,790,000 Tomans. But apart from these two events, what other important signals are there for the stock market today?

It was announced yesterday that today the tenth stage of the extraordinary sale of Iran-Khodro products will start tomorrow with the supply of three cars. Three products of Peugeot 206 Type Two, Peugeot Pars Gasoline and Peugeot Pars with TU5 engine, with a delivery date of maximum 90 days will be offered at this stage. Thus, in the days when the dollar and gold are not very attractive for stray liquidity, car manufacturers are looking to attract some of the liquidity in the country’s economy by offering new cars.

Another important news is related to the automotive group. It was announced yesterday that the pricing of the car will change by the end of the week.

Arash Mohebinejad, secretary of the Parts Manufacturers Association, said that the price of cars should be reformed: “Fortunately, in the reform package of the automobile industry, changes have been foreseen in the pricing of some domestic cars.” As mentioned, there will be changes in prices by the end of this week.

However, a signal of uncertainty is being seen by politicians for the stock market. It was announced yesterday that the parliament has summoned five government officials, including the economic vice president, the governor of the central bank and the relevant ministers during the import and clearance of goods, to answer why there is a delay of several months in the clearance of essential goods. Of course, if this leads to openings in the economy, it may be a positive signal for the stock market.

Postponing the implementation of the Czech Amendment Act until the end of the year and the president forecasting positive economic growth in 1400 are two other promising signals yesterday for the stock market in the coming days. Will the stock market act as expected and react positively to this news?

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