Important news for traders on the 3rd of Esfand

According to Eqtesadnews, what are the most important events and impactful news that can affect the stock market in the last 24 hours at three macro levels, industries and companies?

Major News: What news should traders follow?

The most important events that traders are focusing on these days are the events on the Iranian nuclear issue and the complex fate of the Borjam agreement. At the center of these developments, Iran has stated that it will take compensatory measures in the UN Security Council only when the United States returns to its obligations; This means that all sanctions have been lifted and he sees the practical effects of lifting the sanctions, and this, of course, is a definite step. The Supreme Leader of the Revolution, the President (in a telephone conversation with the President of Switzerland and the Chancellor of Germany) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs both emphasized this issue in their speeches in recent days and declared it a definite word and step of Iran. In the latest incident, Iran has announced that it will suspend its extra-supervisory oversight within the framework of the Borjam treaties from March 26, according to a parliamentary bill, if US sanctions are not lifted. Both China and Russia have stressed in the past two days that the United States must take the first step in reviving Burjam in the form of a return to Burjam without any conditions. Europe, on the other hand, welcomed the return of the United States in a recent statement, but expressed concern about Iran’s new actions under the Borjam treaty. At the Munich Security Conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed hope that the UN Security Council would be revived, and of course, US President Joe Biden announced that he would work with Europe to strengthen the UN Security Council. In three steps, the United States lifted restrictions on Iranian diplomats in New York and, of course, accepted Europe’s invitation to attend the P5 + 1 summit, withdrawing the Trump administration’s request to activate the trigger mechanism (activation of UN sanctions against Iran). Rafael Grossi also arrived in Tehran today and stated that the purpose of his visit was to consult and try to return Iran to the obligations of Borjam. Tomorrow, the foreign ministers of the three European countries are scheduled to hold talks with their American counterparts about Borjam. Today, however, government spokesman Ali Rabiee, in an interview with the Iranian newspaper, expressed satisfaction with the complete lifting of sanctions in the near future. However, the situation seems to be a bit complicated and we have to wait for future developments, because Iran is legally only willing to accept its obligations to the IAEA if the other side (the United States) unconditionally lifts the sanctions and returns to the IAEA. .

Of course, the traders are also following the review of the 1400 budget bill, today, Sunday, the budget bill is scheduled to be reviewed in the court of the parliament. Meanwhile, the Consolidation Commission, in an important news that can have a great impact on the stock exchange industry, announced that it has reduced the cost of gas production, which the government had predicted 18,000 billion tomans, by 10,000 billion tomans to support production in the year. , Industrial gas should be supplied to the industrial sector with less pressure. The Joint Commission also said that the share of the National Development Fund would be 20 percent, up from 38 million barrels per day, and 38 percent if it sold more. In next year’s budget amendment, 25,000 billion tomans were added to budget resources through tax increases. Of course, we still have to wait for the final approval and final details in this regard. Realization of the 9-month performance of oil and gas export revenues in the 99th budget to the approved figure in this period was 15.8% and sales of 6.7 thousand billion tomans were recorded. In other words, the government has earned 740 billion tomans a month from the sale of oil and gas condensate this year.

The pursuit of parliamentary news by stockbrokers does not end with this issue alone; observers have turned their attention to the parliamentary investigation plan of the stock exchange. In the latest event in this regard, the plan to investigate 50 representatives of the stock exchange in seven areas was approved by the Economic Commission; The growth of the index bubble is the reason for Rouhani’s encouragement for the presence of people in the stock market without education, the high price of stocks, the sale of paper stocks, the fate of money and the rent resulting from the important axes of the plan. Of course, it is also stated in this plan that the formulation of the independence of the stock exchange from the government will be examined.

In the events related to Iran’s economy, according to the Statistics Center of Iran, the annual inflation rate for the country’s households increased by 3.8 percent in February. On the other hand, Abdul Nasser Hemmati, the governor of the Central Bank, said in a news item that since the beginning of the year, $ 32 billion has been provided for imports, of which more than $ 22 billion was non-oil exports. Hemmati, of course, has announced another news, and that is that the remaining USD 4,200 will remain in the allocation of foreign exchange resources for the next 6 months (first half of 1400) with the alleged aim of controlling the prices of goods.

Industry News: What news should stock traders follow?

In this section, the latest definite events affecting the market related to the stock exchange industry during the last 24 hours are examined:

In the petrochemical and refining industries, the most important event was the announcement of the price of domestic special petroleum products in the first half of March this year. The price of the mentioned petroleum products has been calculated with the half dollar rate of 23 thousand and 357.2 Tomans. Previous reports from refining companies’ financial statements in recent days have shown that the significant increase in refining operating profit margins for the five major products in the third quarter of the year is well known.

In the sugar industry, based on the approval of the market regulation working group, the approved price per kilogram of packaged sugar is set at 10,500 tomans. Also in the meeting of the pricing council of basic agricultural products, the guaranteed purchase of spring sugar beet has reached 1247 Tomans per kilogram and autumn sugar beet has reached 1204 Tomans per kilogram. Last year, the approved price of sugar beet was equal to 600 to 730 Tomans.

In cars, according to a new resolution of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines, the Competition Council will be removed from the car pricing process and the sale of cars on the stock exchange was approved. In order to review the plan to organize the industry and the car market in the parliament, the supply of cars in the commodity exchange was approved by a majority of votes in the Industries Commission.

In the detergent industry, the latest government decree is to lift the ban on the export of detergents and soap until further notice.

In the cement industry, in a meeting between Minister Samat and cement activists, it was agreed to formulate a formula for determining the price of cement. The Cement Industry Employers’ Association is supposed to provide a model for price increase to the Ministry of Silence, considering the inputs and factors affecting the cost of production.

Company News: What news should traders follow?

In this section, the latest definite events affecting the market related to listed and OTC companies during the last 24 hours are examined:

Iran Radiator (Khotour): About 30% increase in product prices; The rate increase is related to the sale of aluminum products to Sapco, which is part of the company’s sales.

شوکوپارس (غشوکو): Due to the increase in the price of raw materials and other production inputs and its effect on the cost of products, the price change tables of some of the company’s products were announced after obtaining the license of the Biscuit, Confectionery and Chocolate Industries Association. The effective start date of increasing the rate of the first 3 rows (types of liquid syrups) is from the first of Esfand 99 and other rows from the first of Farvardin 1400.

Kowsar Insurance (Kowsar): Kosar Insurance has invested about one thousand billion tomans in Apadana Isatis Company and has bought 15% of the shares of this company. This investment includes shares of Opal and a number of other shares. Next year, Kosar Insurance will make a good profit from the stock market portfolio, but until the end of this year, it is not possible to identify much profit from this place, and only from the cash profit of Parsian and Ghadir oil and gas companies, an amount to the income of Kosar investments in the period. 12 months of fiscal year 99 will be added. Kowsar Insurance intends to probably allocate a part of the realized profit of FY 99 to the capital increase from the accumulated place, although this issue is not certain yet.

Zahravi Pharmacy (Dezharavi): In order to determine the annual claims of Rasa Pharmaceutical Development Company, continuous legal follow-up led to the conclusion of a property education contract located on Damavand Road with an area of ​​3929.5 square meters in favor of the plaintiffs, including the company, whose share of the property is 1.42 dong.

Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical (Bu Ali): The CEO of Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical announced the launch of a huge plan to upgrade and increase the production capacity of the “Paraxylene” unit of this aromatic products chain in Iran in 1400 and said: “The naphtha sweetening project of this complex will be put into operation soon.” At present, 60% of Bu Ali Sina Petrochemical products are exported, about $ 1 billion of the company’s products are exported to global markets annually.

Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel (Steel): Record of daily production of 135 smelters in the steelmaking and continuous casting area of ​​Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan. The previous record was set with 133 melts on September 20, 1999

Pipe gas: The Supreme Court ruled to reject the bankruptcy of the Gas Pipe Company. The company announced that it had received a ruling from the Supreme Court rejecting the company’s bankruptcy.

چادرملو (کچاد): Shahid Fakhrizadeh Chadormelo 10 MW solar power plant was inaugurated by Minister Samat. Also, in the one month left to the end of the year, pelletizing production in Chad exceeded the nominal production capacity.

Gohar Zamin Iron Ore (Koghar): The production line of five million tons of Goharzamin iron ore pellets, the exploitation capacity at the time of commissioning of 30% of the nominal capacity, will reach 100% on April 20, 1401. In terms of revenue, the pellet product will be in the second place after concentrate and forecast It is possible to reach 58 thousand billion Rials in the fiscal year ending 30 Azar 1400 from the sale of pellets.

Yazd Steel Technical Services (Khafula): Steel services as the winner of the inquiry No. A-K / 26/99 with the subject of irrigation and maintenance of green space in the amount of 22,236,410,700 Rials for a full solar year from 12/1/99 based on the conditions in the inquiry documents and The relevant contract is introduced.

Kayson (Kayson): Additional Contract for the implementation of the foundation and concrete structure of the Paratac Mall project was concluded by Imran Kayson Company (100% owned by Kayson Group) with the employer (Bazaft Consulting Engineers) in the amount of 579.960 million Rials.

Persian Gulf Petrochemical Holding (Fars): Persian Gulf Holding announced the agreement of banks to finance another 30,000 billion tomans in Persian Gulf Holding projects on the sidelines of the event to support domestic manufacturing in the petrochemical industry.

Also, atmospheric industrial and manufacturing factories were listed as the 275th symbol in the OTC stock market red board. Earlier, Rail Pardaz Noafarin Company was listed as the 234th symbol with the symbol of Hafarin and Ghadir Capital and Industry Development as the 233rd symbol with the symbol of Soghadir in the OTC list of Iran.