Important news today Borna Social Group

According to the social group of Borna News Agency; The most important social news in the last 24 hours is as follows.

Deputy Head of the National Center for Climate and Climate Change:

The problem of fuel oil storage has been completely solved / 60% of Tehran buses are worn out

Dariush Gol Alizadeh said: The power plants that are located in Tehran today do not use fuel oil in any way. The talks that took place the day before in the Tehran City Council are related to last year, and this problem regarding the maintenance of fuel oil has been solved.

The head of Shahid Motahari Hospital said;

One billion hospitalization costs for a person suffering from burns in private hospitals / Each burn bed costs 5 billion tomans / More than 300,000 cases of burns during the year / 20% increase in hand burns at the same time as coronary heart disease

Referring to the high cost of burns in the country, Mustafa Deh Mardaei said: “We had several cases of hand burns at the beginning of the corona outbreak.” We had a 20% increase in hand burns compared to the previous year, mostly due to improper alcohol use.

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Phoenix Association:

Burn patients die because we do not have the facilities / the need to establish a national burn fund; The legislature enters / The most common cause of burns are gas appliances / Children’s burns heal later / Warnings about alcohol use in the kitchen

Mohammad Javad Fatemi, stating that the most common cause of burns are gas appliances, stressed the need for prevention to deal with burns and said: To reduce the financial concerns of these patients.

The death sentence awaits 2 friends who assaulted a young girl

Two years ago, a girl complained to the police that she had been assaulted by an uncle and niece. Due to the physical condition of this girl, the on-duty investigator immediately introduced her to forensic medicine, and at the same time, the case was sent to the criminal court of Tehran province due to the crime of rape.

Four camels perish in a terrible accident with a truck

The police commander of Tabas city reported that four camels were lost in a collision with a trailer in this city.

There is a fee for doctors’ electronic prescriptions

The CEO of the Social Security Organization said: 80 to 95% of the cost of the electronic prescription of doctors will be paid on the same day and the rest of the claims will be paid by the end of the next month at the latest.

Head of Intelligent Traffic Control Center of Greater Tehran Road Police:

Traffic restrictions continue until the weekend

The head of the Greater Tehran Road Traffic Police Command and Intelligent Control Center said: “Evening traffic is due to restrictions two weeks ago, and the restrictions will continue at least until the end of the week.”

Head of the third base of Tehran Intelligence Police:

Billion-dollar family robbery in Tehran / The mother of the family controlled the houses

Colonel Qassem Dastkhal reported the arrest of a robbery family gang in Tehran.

Deputy of Cultural Heritage of Tehran Province:

Completion of Hassan Abad Square restoration by early 1400 / Consultation with the owner of the Iranian cinema to prevent demolition has begun

Morteza Adibzadeh said: The case of Iranian cinema is being investigated in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. The court ruled that the Iranian cinema should be destroyed, but we are consulting with its owner.

Minister of Education:

Bright future for students We do not depend on learning quadruple skills / We are not looking for meaningless advertising

Mohsen Haji Mirzaei said: “If the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are learned accurately and correctly by children, the future path of children will be brighter.”

Head of Shahid Modarres Hospital:

The trend of coronary heart disease is declining / Nurses’ payments are being updated / There is an urgent need for personal protective equipment in hospitals

Hossein Badakhshan, referring to the situation of Corona in Shahid Modarres Hospital, said: “With the help of the Ministry of Health, payments have improved and the authorities are trying to update the nurses’ payments.”

The head of the Medical System Organization stated:

Corona vaccine injection should be done with proper timing and prioritization / The need for vaccine from a reputable source / All medical staff should benefit from the benefits of Shahid Salamat / To control corona, 65% of people should be vaccinated

The press conference of Mohammad Reza Zafarghandi, the head of the Medical System Organization, was held this morning at the Medical System Organization.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health announced:

191 patients died and 6151 new patients were identified

Sima Sadat Lari said: From yesterday to today, January 22, 2017, based on definitive diagnostic criteria, 6,151 new patients with Covid 19 were identified in the country.

Continued air pollution in densely populated cities

In most parts of the country, calm weather is forecast until the third Wednesday, which will increase the concentration of air pollutants in industrial and densely populated cities.

Cancel admission of inclusive students in Payam-e-Noor master’s degree from next year

The Secretariat of the Council for the Evaluation and Admission of Students in Postgraduate Studies has announced that since 1400, students have not been admitted to the master’s degree program at Payame Noor University.

A strong earthquake shook parts of Khuzestan

An earthquake shook parts of Khuzestan province this morning.

The capital’s air is on the verge of pollution

The air quality index on the first day of winter 99 is at 97 and Tehran’s air is on the verge of pollution

Heavy traffic on the Tehran-Karaj freeway

Director General of Highways and Road Transport of Alborz Province said: Traffic on the Tehran-Karaj freeway between Khatam town and Ferdis bridge is heavy.