Important points for moving shelves of medicine

According to Eqtesadonline, according to the Food and Drug Administration, after seeing a doctor and receiving medication, the prescribed drugs may not be used until the end. Although the misconception of keeping these drugs at home for the day is very dangerous and incorrect, we see that the collection and storage of drugs in many homes in a place called medicine shelves or boxes, in the kitchen or refrigerator. How to get rid of drugs that do not need to be taken?

Have a list of medications that you take regularly and have at home with you when you see your doctor to avoid re-prescribing.

Know how to store medicines properly and act accordingly.

– The number of drugs that should be stored in the refrigerator is small. Ask your pharmacist how to store the medicine when you receive it.

Refrigeration of drugs is necessary and appropriate only for drugs that are refrigerated. The refrigerator has moisture like a bath and causes the medicine to spoil sooner than it reaches the expiration date on the package.

– If it is written on the medicine box, it should be stored at room temperature, the medicine should be stored at the usual temperature of about 21 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Pharmacies are not allowed to take unused medicine from patients under any circumstances, because as soon as the medicine leaves the pharmacy, the storage conditions of the medicine get out of control and therefore the health of the medicine returned to the pharmacy is in question. Therefore, by declaring the return of the medicine to the pharmacy illegal, the health of the consumers who get their medicines only from the pharmacy will be protected.

– General cleaning of Eid is a good time to look at the shelf or medicine box in any home and get it organized. Separate and expire drugs that have expired. Although drugs play an important role in the treatment of many diseases, when they are no longer needed, it is essential to dispose of the drugs appropriately to avoid potential risks.

– Empty the syrups of the past in the sewage and throw away the glasses. Anti suspension

Dispose of biotics within 10 days after ingestion.

To prevent misuse of discarded drugs, it is best to dispose of the tablets and capsules with rubbish.

We mix it like tea pulp so that its unpleasant appearance prevents the use of medicines by children and so on.

– It is better to contaminate the medicines that are dumped in the garbage with other substances such as tea grounds so that they are not consumed.

Accidentally prevent it by humans and animals.