Important stock market forecast Saturday 22 Azar

At the end of last week’s trading, the stock market had a weekly uptrend despite the supply pressure in the final days. But what about the stock market tomorrow?

After growing about 300 thousand units Indicator Overall, the stock market had a downward trend. Some experts believe that this downward trend is not continuous. But the market is improving and coming soon Growth The index starts again. But what about tomorrow’s market trend?

Iman Raisi, market expert Fund In an interview with Tejarat News, regarding the stock exchange tomorrow, he said: “It seems that the supply in tomorrow’s market will be high, but the demand will be equal to the supply, and tomorrow’s market will probably be balanced.”

The expert further added: the floor of the total index is in the range of 4.1 million and the resistance range is 6.1 million, and currently the total index in this range is fluctuating. But if the channel index exceeds 1.6 million, its uptrend will start again.

Source : Business news