Imposition of job and traffic restrictions until December 6 in Isfahan

Regarding the latest restrictions in Corona, Hojjatullah Gholami said: “According to the meeting we held today in the presence of the Minister of Health at the University of Medical Sciences, it was strongly emphasized that these restrictions be implemented vigorously.”

He added: “It was decided to divide these restrictions based on the situation of red, orange and yellow cities. According to this, four series of restrictions are applied in red cities. In the discussion of jobs, only job group one can work in these cities and job activity 2.” 3 and 4 are prohibited.

Gholami continued: “Education in governmental and non-governmental schools and colleges is also in absentia, and the movement of native cars to the center of the province and red cities is prohibited, and the departure of native cars from red cities is also prohibited.” Employee telecommuting is also a third for red cities, with only 30% of employees having to be at work.

A spokesman for the Provincial Headquarters for Combating Coronation in Isfahan said: “In orange cities, the activities of jobs one and two are free, but the activities of job groups 3 and 4 are prohibited.” The situation of education and traffic in the orange cities is the same as in the red cities, but the presence of employees in the orange cities is 50%.

Gholami added: “We do not have traffic restrictions in the yellow cities, and the activities of jobs one, two and three are free in these cities, and only occupational groups 4 are not allowed to operate due to their high risk.” The presence of employees in yellow cities is 70% in person and 30% in telecommuting.

He stated that the time of implementation of all these restrictions, except for traffic restrictions, is from the first Saturday of Azar, and said: the time of implementation of traffic restrictions is from tomorrow, Wednesday, November 19th, which will be applied from 10:00 AM and will continue until December 6th. He also stands up to this day. In the 10 main axes of Isfahan province, the forces consisting of Rahoor police, Red Crescent, highways and road transport, army and Basij, with the help of governorates and municipalities, impose traffic restrictions and deal decisively with violators.

Source: ISNA