Improving water and soil resources by dredging 13 Miami aqueducts

ISNA / Semnan The director general of the Semnan Governor’s Office for Attracting and Supporting Investment announced the dredging of 13 aqueducts in the city of Miami.

Bor Boor, Director General of Semnan Governor’s Office for Attracting and Supporting Investment, referring to the fact that Miami is among one of the 31 underdeveloped cities in the province, said: Water and soil resources management is one of the province’s programs for the development of this deprived city. In this regard, a credit of more than 15 thousand and 864 million rials has been spent for organizing and dredging the canals of the city.

He stated that in order to create the balance and development between the regions and the development of less developed regions, a program with a resistance economy approach is being implemented in 31 cities of the country: Miami is the only city in Semnan province that in this program The title was chosen as one of the least developed cities in the country.

Referring to the deprivation programs of this city, he noted: In this regard, in the discussion of technical and credit assistance, in the discussion of facilities of paragraph A, Note 18 in the agricultural and industrial sectors, 10 projects with a credit of more than 41 billion rials and a project With a credit of 500 million rials, they received facilities in the industrial sector in the city of Miami.

Bourbour continued: In addition, 20% of the province’s credit quota in the discussion of home business facilities in the amount of one billion tomans has been allocated to the city of Miami, which has received 27 projects worth 460 million tomans in the city of Miami.

He reminded: In addition, in other sections of the regulations regarding the establishment of local micro-funds, 27 people have received facilities amounting to 10 billion Rials to create community-based employment. Also, in the discussion of training and employing local facilitators, The city was deployed in March 1998, which requires more force to achieve the goals of the project.

He announced the formation of the Miami County Development Coordination Council and, referring to the projects implemented in this less developed city, said: construction of a women’s park, installation of urban elements in accordance with local culture and redevelopment of city squares, increasing per capita sports space with priority Less privileged areas and operation of 16 rural sports houses is one of the measures taken to fulfill the development document of the city of Miami.

Referring to Miami’s capacities in the field of handicrafts, he noted: in the discussion of using the comprehensive economic capacity of the city and province, creating a handicrafts market for women and also a permanent exhibition of handicrafts produced by women in Shah Abbasi Caravanserai in Miami is also on the agenda. it placed.

Referring to the bedrock for tourism boom in the city, he added: 6 exploitation licenses, 11 agreements in principle in the field of ecotourism resorts with the line of indigenous architecture in the target villages of Miami, and currently 7 ecotourism accommodation units are underway. Construction and 7 items are in the licensing stage.

Bourbour stated: In the field of development of cultivation and processing of medicinal plants in the form of construction of rose and saffron farms, sweat and rose-making workshops and drying of vegetables, good measures were taken in the city of Miami, so far 18 people over 300 They received million tomans of home business facilities.

He continued by stating that effective and desirable measures have been taken in other multiple clauses of the Miami Development Document: The discussion of the capacity of Article 56 of the Accession Law is also one of the important clauses of this charter that should be paid more attention.

The director general of the Semnan governor’s investment attraction office also referred to the existence of foreign nationals in the city and said: “In discussing the reduction of possible crimes and crimes by expanding cultural and economic activities and preventing the transportation and distribution of drugs and organizing foreign nationals and The departure of illegal nationals is also taking place in Miami.

He addressed the problems of some problematic production units in the city and added: in the discussion of accelerating the granting of special facilities to the beneficiaries of natural disasters and strengthening the working group to remove production barriers and revive stagnant and semi-active economic units, measures are being taken in Miami. .

He stressed the need to make maximum use of the capacity of young people and attract participation through mobilization bases and added: It is expected that the capacity of villages and councils to use the development document of the city of Miami.

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