In Yalda of Iran “Your eyes are bright”

According to Borna, Yalda night period is one of the most memorable ancient Iranian mirrors; A family period that is reminiscent of the friendships and togetherness of the people of this region, however, this year, due to the corona epidemic and the need to observe social distance, we will have a different Yalda because it is recommended to hold family parties as much as possible. Do not or the least number of people are present.

Accordingly, Yalda night special programs will have a different atmosphere on your network, and we have tried to compensate for the mandatory distances this year by relying on media capacities and live communication with different people.

The first program is called Yalda night, which will be broadcast from 6 pm on Sunday in cooperation with Gilan Center TV.

Semnan Center TV will broadcast the special program “Show Cheleh” on your antenna from 8 pm, and after that, a program from the center of North Khorasan will be broadcast from 9 pm.

The center of Kermanshah will continue to host and from 22:00 the program “Sugar Night” will be broadcast by the province’s television.

From 11 pm, your network antenna will be available to Fars Central TV so that the audience can watch the special program of “Nardoneh”.

And at the end and from 30 minutes in the morning, “Your eyes are bright” will be aired by the center of Yazd.