Inauguration of the first Internet TV for food and nutrition

According to Shaman News: Dr. Jalaluddin Mirzai Razaz, President of the Iranian Nutrition Association, said: Nutrition TV, the first Internet TV for food and nutrition in the country, with the aim of developing a proper nutritional culture, tries to show special programs and content by producing special programs. Pay attention to food and nutrition. This television network was produced in line with the slogan of healthy nutrition, healthy body and was launched and implemented with official licenses.

Dr. Jalaluddin Mirzai Razaz, President of the Iranian Nutrition Association (ETA), while congratulating on the occasion of the International Day of the Therapeutic Regime, emphasized the effective role of nutrition consultants along with the treatment team in order to manage costs and accelerate the recovery of the disease.

He added: “The community of nutritionists in the country has suffered undeniable and many efforts in the health sector of the country for many years, and they work as hard-working and hard-working soldiers in different levels of health care.”

Due to the creation of new nutrition issues in society and the growing growth of non-communicable diseases whose role of nutrition in prevention and supportive therapies has been fully proven, the association’s educational and operational activities are aimed at preventing and informing health professionals and various segments of society.

In the early days of the corona outbreak, nutritional support was provided from the outset regarding the prevention of infection, the strengthening of the immune system and the reduction of complications, followed by a call from the National Corona Headquarters to write nutrition guidelines and support.

Referring to the empathy and participation of the nutrition community across the country in the implementation of this project, he said: More than 150 faculty members from all over the country have participated in compiling the book.

Referring to the chapters of this book, Dr. Razaz said: “3 general chapters of this book have been designed in relation to the prevention of infection and strengthening the immune system, nutritional support of hospitalized patients with emphasis on special beds and recovery period.”

Criticizing the publication of unscientific and unreliable information in the field of nutrition in cyberspace and even some media, he said: “Considering the vacuum in society and the publication of various unscientific materials, we can say that this book can be called a reliable scientific reference.” win.

Dr. Majid Hassan Qomi, Vice President of the Iranian Nutrition Association, also said about the cost calculation plan to determine the right to consult nutrition colleagues at different stages in outpatient wards (employment offices) and hospitalization: This was done by the National Institute for Health Research, which previously in In particular, topical slimming devices are known as the national reference for health research. In this regard, the proposal of this plan has been prepared after months of expert work and consultations carried out by the association and the mentioned institute, and will start in case of financing. This will be important in terms of promoting the nutritional status of nutrition associates and consulting with insurers, pricing organizations and policy makers, and will help tariff nutrition nutrition services not compared to other groups and based on evidence provided by Health economists should be provided in order to increase the bargaining power of the association’s trustees and ultimately colleagues in the necessary reviews by the relevant bodies, and to be able to provide the best possible services to the people.