Increase in pensions / one million and 500 thousand tomans

retireds In their repeated calls, they criticized the slight increase in the number of amendments to the new legal bills. It has already been announced that equalization for hard and harmful retirees has been corrected.

Ali Dehghankia (President of the Social Security Retirees Association of Tehran) in this regard, emphasizing that the increase is based on a special formula, says: “Four / thirty” is multiplied by the number of years of experience in hard and harmful work; For example, if someone has 20 years of experience, it becomes eighty / thirty, which results in about 2.3; That is, 2.3 years is added to a person’s twenty years of experience. 22.3 is the number of years of personal experience in these reforms. Previously, the same four / thirty was multiplied by ten years, which is about 1.3 and is added to 20 years. So the difference is only in the distance between these two numbers (22.3 and 21.3), the difference is one year and several months. For one to 25 years, each year the proportionality score is 10,000 tomans. Therefore, for this one year, 10 thousand tomans will be paid to the person in addition to the extra incentive, which is several thousand tomans.

Emphasizing that the assimilation score is only ten thousand tomans per year, he says: If a person has more than 20 years of experience, for example 25 years, this difference will increase; The reforms were not intended to pay large sums to retired workers.

Dehghanokia, stating that some people have increased up to 1.5 million Tomans in proportion, in response to the expectations of hard and harmful retirees, says: the reforms were not supposed to create an increase of several hundred thousand Tomans; But as I said, the longer the retiree has a hard and harmful career, the greater the increase; If a retiree with 30 years of experience has hard work, for over 25 years, the annual score is 15,000 Tomans; Therefore, depending on the work experience, the additions start from ten to fifteen thousand tomans and may reach up to one hundred or 150 thousand tomans.

The retirees’ union activist concludes by emphasizing: “Matching in this way is, in fact, just proportional, and not real, full-fledged matching.”