Increase of 350 thousand tons of capacity of Kermanshah agricultural conversion industries

ISNA / Kermanshah The director of conversion and complementary industries of Kermanshah Jihad Agricultural Organization announced an increase of 350,000 tons in the capacity of conversion industries of the province’s agricultural sector this year.

In an interview with ISNA, Saeed Karimi stated: The conversion industries of the province in the agricultural sector are divided into three categories of processing, packaging and storage units, which have added 350,000 tons to the capacity of these units since the beginning of the year.

Referring to the increase of nearly 50,000 tons in the province’s cold storage capacity this year, Karimi said: “Previously, the capacity of the province’s cold storage was 30,000 tons, which has now reached about 80,000 tons.”

The director of conversion and complementary industries of Jihad Agricultural Organization of Kermanshah province divided the cold storages into two categories of cold storages with temperatures above zero and below zero and said: cold storages with high temperatures of zero to cold storages for fruit, potatoes and onions and … Most of the province’s cold storages have temperatures above zero. Sub-zero refrigerators are also dedicated to storing meat and protein.

Karimi added: Currently, most cold stores in Kermanshah province are active in Kermanshah and Ravansar, although we have cold stores in all cities of the province.

Referring to the efforts of the province’s agricultural jihad to set up stagnant units in the conversion industry, he mentioned the activation of the Mahidasht slaughterhouse after 12 years of uncertainty as one of the key measures in the field of conversion industries and said: “This slaughterhouse has been operating for years.” He was looking for a license and was left undecided with a huge investment, which has entered the slaughter phase with the efforts made in the province with the permission of the processing and veterinary industries.

He added: “This year, with the efforts made, we also succeeded in activating a processing and packaging unit of dairy products in the province, which was inactive for nearly 12 years.”

Karimi continued: the establishment of processing units for olives, dried fruits, etc. are among the processing units that have been set up in the province this year.

He further stated that the total capacity of processing, storage and packaging units in the province, which have so far received licenses from the two Jihad Agricultural, Industry and Mining organizations in Kermanshah province, is 4.7 million tons, and added: It is about 4.5 million tons, so we have 200,000 tons more storage, packaging and processing capacity than the province’s products.

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