Increase of marriage loan to 100 million Tomans

Ali Babaei Karnami, referring to the agenda of today’s (Monday, December 1) meeting of the Social Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said: “In this meeting, the lines related to Note 14 of the budget that deals with targeted subsidies were examined. Issues related to this commission include health, support for vulnerable groups under the auspices of the Welfare Organization and Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, and segregation of input of expenditures and sources of energy carriers document such as water, electricity, gas and. ..And the transfer of their income to the companies’ accounts was discussed.

The representative of the people of Sari and Miandrood in the Islamic Consultative Assembly continued: Support for social insurance such as rural insurance and support for workshops for less than 5 people for which the Social Security Organization requested 22 thousand billion tomans were discussed in this meeting.

He specified: The members of the social commission of the parliament also examined paragraph 16 of note 16, and finally, based on the decision of this commission, it was decided to increase the youth marriage loan from 50 million tomans to 100 million tomans, and the repayment period is from 5 years. To be changed to 10 years, this resolution must be approved by the Commission for the Consolidation of the 1400 Budget Bill and the open court of the parliament.

This representative of the people in the 11th parliament emphasized: In this meeting, the self-employment and entrepreneurship facilities of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and the Welfare Organization were also examined and with the proposal of the representatives of the credits of this section, it was increased from 4800 billion Tomans to 8000 billion Tomans. .

The spokesman of the Social Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, referring to the guests present at the meeting, reminded: The meeting was attended by representatives of the Court of Accounts, the Program and Budget Organization, the Central Bank and the Research Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.