Incredible images of 206 halved in the mission

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Rokna, at 3:10 AM today, the overturning of a Peugeot 206 on Resalat Highway was reported to System 125. The Tehran Fire Brigade immediately sent the operations forces of Station 108 and Rescue Group 18 to the scene.

According to Alireza Mohajeri; The commander of station 108 of the Tehran Fire Department, a Peugeot 206 vehicle overturned and overturned while traveling on Resalat Highway due to unknown reasons.

He said: “Firefighters were present at the scene immediately and after investigating the scene of the accident and power outage, pulled the warning bar to prevent secondary accidents.”

Referring to the fact that two male occupants were trapped inside the vehicle, Mohajeri added: “After carrying out initial measures and securing the accident site, firefighters used special hydraulic equipment to remove both people from the collapsed cabin of the vehicle and for initial treatment and They also transferred to the hospital and delivered emergency personnel.

According to news site 125; The cause of this accident is under investigation.

Peugeot crash

Peugeot crashPeugeot crash