Instructions for organizing advertisements in cyberspace were announced

The Office of Propaganda and Information, in cooperation with the Center for the Development of Culture and Arts in the Cyberspace of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, is responsible for overseeing the proper implementation of this instruction.

According to this guideline, online advertising media, user-centric advertising media, messengers and owners of pages and channels whose main activity is advertising, must receive the license of the Advertising Center to accept and publish advertisements in cyberspace, and online media, other user-centric media , Pages and channels and influential people and search engines to accept and publish the ad must apply through the license of the center or through the centers.

This instruction in 4 articles, 39 paragraphs and 3 notes in order to achieve the goals of the master plan and architecture of the National Information Network approved by the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and the implementation of paragraph 16 of Article 2 of the Law on Objectives and Duties And the activities of advertising and propaganda centers and Article 3 of the regulations for organizing the development of media and digital cultural activities approved by the Cabinet, has been approved and announced.