Interesting will of Ali Ansarian from the language of Nene Ali + photo

According to reports Badge news site :

Ali Ansarian Born on July 5, 1956 in Tehran, he is a football player and an Iranian actor. Ali Ansarian After saying goodbye to football, he became a singer and has now entered the acting profession. Ali Ansarian He is single and has not married yet and lives with his mother. Ali Ansarian On the Zabiwaka show, he jokingly marginalized the Los Angeles singer. Ali Ansarian With the rumor of his murder spreading on messaging networks early in his acting career, this image was related to the last scene of the movie:

Singing by Ali Ansarian

In June 2011, he released a song called “Severe” to the music market, after which he did not continue singing.

Ali AnsarianAli Ansarian TV series

Ali Ansarian

Ali Ansarian Home Network

  • Persian dinner (probably winter of 2009)
  • Aspirin (Home Show Collection) 2016 – 2015
  • Gifts (2014)
Ali Ansarian
Hosted by Ali Ansarian
  • Zabiwaka (1397) Ivo Internet TV
  • Stadium (1397) Channel Five
  • Manch Competition (2009) Channel Five

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