Intimate meeting of the CEO and hard workers of Isfahan Steel

According to Eqtesadonline, in this meeting, the company’s colleagues, on behalf of the employees, some issues and problems of job, welfare and livelihood, including succession, meritocracy, problems of job classification plan, shift fee status, overtime pay, hard work, acceptance of degree They discussed the difficult economic conditions caused by inflation, etc., and these issues were examined in the presence of the CEO of the company.

In this meeting, Mansour Yazdizadeh considered paying attention to the living conditions of employees and maintaining human dignity as the main priorities of the company and said: “These interactive meetings that have been held in recent months with the presence of colleagues from different parts of the company, need to be held more. The issues raised by the colleagues in this meeting will be raised in the meetings of the Council of Deputies and will be carefully examined.

He added: “Fortunately, with the efforts of all partners, the company came out of accumulated losses for the first time in the first six months of this year, and this is an important achievement, but it does not mean the end of problems.”

The CEO of the company stated: I have been in Isfahan Steel since my bachelor’s degree and I know the problems. Zobahan had many problems at one time, but thanks to the great efforts of our colleagues, today the problems have decreased and we have come out of the accumulated losses, but the conditions are still not ideal.

The CEO of the company considered the comparison of steel situation with some steel units incorrect and said: “Unfortunately, the cost of the company is higher than other steel units that have energy subsidies due to the production method and high cost of energy supply, especially coke supply.” Therefore, to be more profitable, we must increase the production of higher value-added products, including rails.

“We understand the conditions of inflation and the economic problems of our colleagues, and this economic pressure exists all over the country, but we can certainly take care of the livelihood of the employees as much as the company’s income and profits,” he said.

Yazdizadeh, referring to the measures taken to improve production rewards, which are directly related to the company’s operating profit, said: “We try to distribute monthly production rewards and responsibility assessment bonuses according to the merits of employees and their efforts.” Although there are criticisms in this regard and it is difficult to observe justice in this regard, but it must be done with the utmost care.

He added: “The company’s strategies and facilities for improving the living conditions of employees will be reviewed in the meetings of the Service Compensation Committee and what is possible will be done.”

Referring to the special attention to improving the living conditions of employees in next year’s budget, the CEO said: “I hope that with the launch of the number one blast furnace, increasing rail production and other high value-added products, which will be done by the efforts of the workers of this huge industrial complex.” Let’s have better conditions next year, which will definitely improve the livelihood of employees.