Introducing the first round of Qeshm Free Zone Family Cup car racing

According to the Borna news agency in Hormozgan, the first round of the “Qeshm Free Zone Cup” family car rally on Qeshm Island ended with the announcement of the winners.

The first round of the competition was held with the evaluation of map reading skills and observance of traffic rules. 64 participants covered 180 km of the rally route on Qeshm Island with the aim of assessing skills and following the rules.

The motorcycle and automobile delegation of Qeshm Free Zone hosted the participants of the first round of the competition with full observance of health protocols.

Qeshm Island, as the largest island in the Persian Gulf, is one of the most important islands for holding international and regional competitions. Geographical conditions, combining traditional and modern environment along suitable roads with beautiful coastal landscapes along the Persian Gulf are among the most popular options for athletes.

In this competition, with the presence of Morteza Sheikhzadeh, Deputy Minister of Tourism of Qeshm Free Zone, Jalil Haghgoyan, Head of Sports and Youth of Qeshm Free Zone and Jad Feizi, Chairman of Qeshm Free Zone Motorcycling Board, gifts were given to the first to twelfth persons.

Parichehr Haghighi as the driver and Arash Iranmanesh as the map reader won the first place with 6 negative points. Ali Ghahremani as the driver and Farzaneh Pourshamsi as the map reader also won the second place with 28 negative points. Tomajgari as driver and Sara Bahadori as map reader came in third with 37 negative points