Intrusive visit of Alborz Insurance CEO to the sample branch

According to Shaman News, quoting the public relations of Alborz Insurance, Mohsen Purkiani, CEO of the company, while visiting the issuance and damages departments of the sample branch, in a meeting with the employees of the said branch, appreciated their performance and provided desirable and timely services to customers and Insurers’ satisfaction was emphasized.

Mohsen Purkiani in this visit, said: Due to the special location of the sample branch in the industrial area of ​​Karaj special road and the existence of many industries and factories that are located in this area, there is a development view of the branch that needs to be strengthened and increased The level of service to insurers and increase the portfolio.

“Fortunately, the branch has performed well this year,” he said. “It is expected that this branch will be able to achieve the planned plan by the end of the year, given the large number of insurers.”

Vice Chairman of Alborz Insurance, emphasizing the need to develop the sale of microinsurance, especially life insurance, stated: The sample branch should be able to encourage Alborz Insurance to buy life insurance policies with good marketing and introduction of Alborz Insurance life insurance to its major insurers. In this way, increase your life insurance portfolio.