Investment development; Priority of the Ministry of Silence in 1400

The field of production requires the participation of the people

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Programs of the Ministry of Silence stated that achieving the set goals in the field of production requires the participation of the people and added: we must be able to use the capacity of the people and the private sector in the field of production; In 1999, this was done to some extent by the Ministry of Silence, and in the industrial sector, despite all the challenges and the lack of a structured structure, we trusted the organizations and the private sector and took steps in this area that we hope to institutionalize in 1400. This view and trust in the private sector in all devices, help the production sector.

The need to create attractiveness in the field of production

Zarandi stated that creating attractiveness in the field of production is another important factor in the prosperity of the production sector and added: “Production grows in a country that has attractiveness, and for this, the Islamic Consultative Assembly can do a lot to help.”

According to the Deputy Minister of Planning and Silence, the situation should be such that the investor between the parallel markets such as currency, gold, housing and production, to invest in the production sector, and this needs to create attractiveness in the production sector.

Use of tax tools in controlling parallel production markets

He continued: “To do this, we need to control parallel markets and the correct use of tax tools, and we must move the macroeconomy to the direction of investing in the manufacturing sector.”

According to Zarandi, creating attractiveness in the production sector depends on cooperation and coordination between all elements and governing bodies.

The production area needs the support of all devices

In another part of the conversation, he stated that the production sector is not only related to the Ministry of Silence, Jihad Agriculture or Roads and Urban Development, clarified: The Ministry of Silence is just a link in the production chain and the issue of support in the Supreme Leader’s orders and in the slogan of the year It is emphasized that it should be considered by all agencies and it is necessary for all departments to clearly present their plans for this issue.

Zarandi further emphasized the cooperation of the parliament and the protection laws and said: the Ministry of Silence has taken many measures to support production in the past years; Last year, following the reform of the financial structure of manufacturing companies, more than 200 companies entered the stock exchange stage and a large number of bonds were issued to these companies.

Introducing semi-finished plans for new investments

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Planning, referring to the numerous problems in the production sector, described the growth of the production sector well and said: Last year, more than 1,460 stagnant production units returned to the production cycle, along with identifying capacities. Empty investment and the introduction of semi-finished projects for new investment, the identification of 13,500 closed production units have been among the measures taken by the Ministry of Silence to boost the country’s production.

Implement the plan to liberate the imprisoned mines in the near future

Zarandi further referred to the various plans of the Ministry of Silence to increase production in the mining sector and said: “One of the most important programs of the ministry is related to the release of imprisoned mines, which will be implemented soon.”

There are 18 devices related to the field of production

He further reminded that 18 devices are related to the production sector and the Ministry of Silence is the only one in charge of the production start-up process, and specified: It was issued by the President in February last year, according to which the manufacturer gives the necessary obligations to all relevant agencies only once before starting work.

Investment development is a priority of the Ministry of Silence in 1400

In the end, Zarandi stated that the main priority of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in 1400 is the development of investment and efforts to eliminate redundant regulations, adding: “The issue mentioned in the valuable statements of the Supreme Leader is the issue of investment incentives. The Ministry of Silence has started serious work by inviting the top 100 and largest companies in the country.