Iran Commodity Exchange hosts 703 thousand tons of various goods

During the last week, 361,117 tons of goods worth 51,905 billion rials were traded in the Industrial and Mineral Products Hall.

In this hall, 347,862 tons of steel, 9,180 tons of aluminum, 3,440 tons of copper, 120 tons of molybdenum sulfur, 15 tons of precious metal concentrate and 500 tons of zinc were purchased by customers.

Also, in the mentioned trading week, 368,613 tons of various goods worth 38,871 billion Rials were sold in the domestic and export sections of the Petroleum and Petrochemical Products Hall.

In this hall, 76 thousand and 500 tons of vacuum baton, 132 thousand and 297 tons of bitumen, 64 thousand and 199 tons of polymer materials, 38 thousand and 217 tons of chemicals, 54 thousand and 500 tons of lob cut, 150 tons of waterproofing, 2 thousand 469 tons of base oil, 50 tons of argon and 1,300 tons of sulfur were traded.

It is worth mentioning that 22 kg of export saffron was also sold in the agricultural products hall of Iran Commodity Exchange.

According to this report, 700 tons of metal scrap were traded in the secondary market of Iran Commodity Exchange.