Iran has changed from a gasoline importer to an exporter of this product

According to Borna, Mehrdad Bazarpash, the head of the Court of Accounts, read the report of the Court of Accounts on the deduction of the 1998 budget in a public session today (Tuesday, December 29).

In part, the report states: “Gasoline production has increased in 1998 compared to 1997, mainly due to the fact that the Persian Gulf Star oil refinery is in production.” Meanwhile, due to quotas and the increase in gasoline prices since late November 1998, as well as the outbreak of the Corona virus in the last months of the year, the amount of gasoline consumption has decreased.

“Due to the increase in production and decrease in gasoline consumption, our country, which was an importer of gasoline until 1997 and imported an average of 4.5 million liters of gasoline per day in 1997, became a gasoline exporter, and in 1998, on average,” he said. It had 3 million liters per day of gasoline exports, which in addition to preventing the outflow of foreign exchange for gasoline imports, caused the import of foreign exchange from gasoline exports in 1998 and the first seven months of 1999, about $ 490 and $ 1,397 million, respectively.