Iran-Iraq joint cooperation in connecting railway lines

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by IRNA; From Baghdad, the Iraqi Minister of Transport issued a statement outlining the most important points regarding the improvement of the quality of land, sea, air and rail transport discussed during the meeting, as well as the possibility of connecting the railway from Shalamcheh to Basra province.

Al-Shabli announced Iraq’s readiness to work on a transit system with the Iranian side, based on administrative instructions for transit cooperation with neighboring countries such as Turkey, Syria and Jordan, and even the start of cooperation with the Iranian side.

He went on to announce plans to hold meetings to resolve remaining issues and finalize an agreement between the two.

The Iraqi Minister of Transport also referred to the talks on the residents of Shatt al-Arab and the cooperation of the two sides in facilitating navigation for its residents.

Also, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, describing the issue of transportation as a “vital artery of trade”, expressed the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran to support, support and mutual cooperation and strengthen relations between two neighboring countries to improve the quality of the transportation sector. Announced and emphasized the developed.

Some Iraqi media outlets described the Iranian ministers’ meeting with Iraqi transport as “detailed”.