Iran prepares to return to black gold market / 30% increase in oil production in the oil-rich southern regions

According to Baaqtesad news website, Ahmad Mohammadi today (Monday) stated that the 6 packages signed in the first phase of increasing and maintaining the production of 28 reservoirs in the underground sector are 50% progress, he continued: The progress of these projects in the underground sector is about 20%.

The CEO of the National Company for Southern Oilfields added: “In the next two stages, 19 packages were signed and only the tender for 2 packages related to Gachsaran and Qaleh Nar remains, which is in the final stages.”

Mohammadi, stating that the first stage of tenders related to increasing and maintaining production was signed in early 1998, said: “Currently, we have reached the production stage in the package of Mansouri, Nargesi and Kaboud oil reservoirs.” In the blue tank package, the blue well is ready. According to the need for oil production, oil extraction can be started from this well.

He pointed out that in the Nargesi tank package, about 5,000 barrels of production increase is ready, he emphasized: 3 packages of the first 6 packages are ready for production. In the Lali reservoir package, 2 wells will be produced in the near future.

According to Mohammadi, the packages assigned in the second phase are in various stages of development, and work has begun on the packages in the third phase.

He added: “By implementing plans to increase and maintain production, a total of 300,000 barrels of oil will be added to the production of oil-rich areas, and the same amount of production will be prevented from falling in these 28 reservoirs.”

Mohammadi pointed to the increase in oil production in the southern oil-rich regions in the second half of 1999 and said: “We increased the production level by 30% compared to the first half of 1999 and for 1400 we have a detailed plan looking at maximum production and current production.” By the end of 1400, we will see a 10% increase in production.

According to Mohammadi, this 10% means 2%, on the one hand, a 10% reduction in production will be prevented, and on the other hand, 10% more oil will be produced than the current task plan, and it can be said that we will increase production and harvest by 20%. Had.

He continued by saying that the oil-rich regions of the south are 100% ready to return production to before the sanctions: “By lifting the sanctions, we will quickly increase production.”

Referring to the spread of the corona and its impact on oil production, Mohammadi said: “Due to the danger of the corona, we minimized the gatherings and due to the holidays we did not have some staff per day, but with planning and despite the problems of sanctions and the corona, it affected.” Execution took place during projects.

He emphasized: in the current work, despite the reduction of people and the reduction of travel with the planned plans, we were able to implement all the planned production in 1999, and with these basic production measures in 1400, a significant number compared to the average production per year. It will be 99.

The CEO of the National Company for Southern Oilfields continued: “We have added 6% of the production base to the production plan for the year 1999.”

He pointed to domestic construction in the implementation of projects in the southern oil-rich regions and added: “According to tender documents, we have banned the import of at least 84 items of basic goods that are domestically made, and with this measure, 80% of goods in 28 reservoir projects will be supplied domestically.” .

Mohammadi emphasized: “For the first time, we entered into negotiations with domestic pipe manufacturing companies in the field of manufacturing seamless pipes, and now the required pipes have been ordered to increase and maintain the production of 28 tanks inside.”

He pointed out that the implementation of oil projects in this region is in full compliance with environmental measures, adding: in the implementation of 28 reservoirs, no gas will be flushed. We also had, for the first time, social attachments to these contracts to meet the requirements of social and environmental responsibilities.

According to IRNA, the National Company for the South Oilfields is considered as the oldest and largest oil production complex in the country, and most of the production commitments are related to this company./IRNA