Iranian flights to England continue!

Due to new conditions in the disease Covid 19 in the UK At the discretion of the Ministry of Health, flights between Tehran and destinations in the United Kingdom have been suspended for two weeks in order to prevent the transmission of the disease and to try to maintain public health. But despite the announcement of this restriction still Ticket sales همچنان Continues from Tehran to England and vice versa from England to Tehran.

In this regard, Maghsoud Asadi Samani, Secretary of the Airline Association, stated that according to the order of the National Corona Anti-Corruption Headquarters and due to the discovery of a new type of Corona virus in the UK, all Iranian flights to London have been suspended for two weeks. Iran to the UK is operated by Iran Air, which will be canceled until further notice.

He continued: “Currently, the National Anti-Corona Headquarters has not decided to cancel other foreign flights to countries such as the Netherlands and Germany.”

Samani said that passengers who have already purchased tickets for this flight, their tickets are still valid, adding: “There is a flight to London and Manchester United every week, which is currently ordered by the National Anti-Corona Headquarters. It has been canceled for two weeks.

Tickets for British flights to Tehran continue to be sold!

Also, Hossein Jahani, Director General of Public Relations of Iran Air, stated that all British flights have been canceled by the order of the National Corona Headquarters, adding: “Currently, no decision has been made for other foreign flights.”

Jahani clarified that the passengers who had purchased the tickets should not worry: the amounts of these tickets will be returned at the request of the passengers or alternative tickets will be issued for them.

Meanwhile, tickets for British flights to Iran continue to be sold Ministry of Roads and City Planning Has not officially announced a ban on these flights.

Tickets for British flights to Tehran continue to be sold!

As concerns mount over the spread of a new strain of the coronavirus in the south of the UK, some EU member states took immediate action to cancel all incoming flights from the UK.

The recent emergency restrictions imposed by some EU countries come as the British Minister of Health has called the newly identified strain of the coronavirus “uncontrollable” in terms of the rate of spread.

According to the report, the Netherlands, Germany, Kuwait, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, France and Turkey have suspended their flights to this country.