Iranian officials promise Afghans / Why are foreigners’ bank accounts blocked?

According to Tejarat News, a few days ago, the Afghan Embassy in Tehran wrote on its official Facebook page that a number of Afghan immigrants living in Iran had reported their bank accounts being blocked again, so this time the embassy raised the issue through diplomatic channels with the Ministry. The Iranian Foreign Ministry and the General Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigrants have followed up.

According to them, banks are obliged to open accounts for Afghans with residence permits, and if a branch does not follow this instruction, Afghan immigrants can inform the embassy’s immigration office about the exact location and location to inform the department. Supervise the Central Bank of Iran and follow up.

Also, according to a statement from the Afghan embassy, ​​after these follow-ups, Iranian officials promised to solve the problem.

The non-opening of a bank account and the blocking of the Afghan Immigrant Bank pass card in Iran have made headlines many times. To the extent that it is no longer considered a new thing and is not given much attention, if this action of Iranian banks and monetary institutions without prior notice has repeatedly created many problems for immigrants in shopping malls, travel, medical centers and so on.

What is the reason for blocking accounts?

In September 1998, with the promulgation of the new anti-money laundering regulations, the restriction on providing banking services to immigrants was lifted; Of course only on paper! The relevant executive regulations were supposed to be announced three months later, but now, despite the fact that one year and two months have passed since the end of the deadline, there is no news of the notification.

In the vacuum of the executive instructions, immigrants often witnessed a clash of tastes in the banking network. For example, just a few months ago, some banks restricted the withdrawal of their bank cards, or even before some immigrants said that some banks in Iran They have no “bank card” and they have only been able to get a bank savings account book.

After learning the Shahab code in the banking network, one of the reasons for blocking the bank account is the existence of defects in identity information. Iranian or non-Iranian bank customers who have incomplete identity information will not have Shahab code either. In this case, according to the employees of the bank branches in the field reports of Tejarat News, their account will be blocked automatically.

In addition to citizens of old Iranian banking customers, they may sometimes not have the complete information needed for the Shahab code. When this information is not correct or up to date, the meteor code will definitely not be assigned to the individual. Without Shahab code, banking services will not be provided.

This is the reason why the accounts of foreigners have been completely blocked several times this year and they have been forced to form long queues in front of bank branches on corona days.
According to the foreigners themselves, in general, any new service that is provided and needs to provide a national number is a new problem for immigrants who do not have it, because no part of the relevant system defines a part for them.

However, it seems that the Central Bank is still in no hurry to announce the executive instructions of this law to protect immigrants, 14 months after the law on removing banking barriers for citizens and despite the promise made by Iranian officials to Afghans.