Iranian Yalda with foreign tourists

“Yalda night ceremony, as an ancient annual event with all its charms and beauties, can be a means of attracting cultural tourists, like other traditional and religious rituals.”

According to ISNA, Dr. Manouchehr Jahanian, dean of the Faculty of Tourism Sciences at the University of Science and Culture and a member of the board of directors of the Iranian Scientific Tourism Association, wrote in a note entitled “Yalda Virtual Period” to the news agency: Ancient Iran has long had rituals, traditions, customs and celebrations that are rooted in the culture, thought and social life of the people of this borderland. All of them are symbols of civilization and beliefs of the people who have always been the guardians and organizers of the best rituals. In these rituals, myth and reality are intertwined to create the most humane beliefs and the most social traditions.

Yalda night, like other Iranian rituals, is a beautiful and unique tradition that is another symbol of the Iranian connection with the manifestations of God’s power in nature and an opportunity to gather, be together and strengthen family ties, friendship, intimacy and kindness, and an excuse for tourism and Recognition of special rituals of this ceremony in different regions and regions of Iran.

Tourists today, as in the past, do not travel merely for fun and to see the appearance of a work, but in the taropod of each journey, there is an essence of altruism and altruism, as well as the desire to learn about other cultures.

Today, tourism as a cultural and social category has a significant role in recognizing and introducing different areas and routes and destinations in hosting travelers. Unique cultural, historical and civilizational, natural and popular cultural attractions of different regions of Iran include rituals, traditions, customs and traditions in the form of cultural and social characteristics of different regions of Iran. Modern society developments and rapid change of phenomena have little time to re-see and rethink. Lays.

From what angle to look at the culture, art and rituals of regions and areas and to measure nature and social affairs by aesthetic criteria, this in today’s world requires recognition and a deep look along with knowledge and awareness and a journey into the depths of history. According to the people of culture and art, thinking about the moments and paying attention to the short manifestations are all things that today’s people seek to give light and hope to human life.

Indigenous arts and popular culture among different ethnic groups can influence the nature of today and urban people and make urban people feel and live with different areas for a few moments. The angles that exist in the culture of each destination will be valuable and irreplaceable attractions for that destination and will undoubtedly have a significant impact on tourist attraction and tourism development.

Yalda night ceremony, as an annual ancient event with all its charms and beauties, can be a means of attracting cultural tourists, like other traditional and religious rituals. Although today this ceremony is held among Iranians with special splendor as in the past, but it can be introduced and proposed with more planning and reflection in the world arena. In such a way that visiting this spiritual heritage attraction will attract tourists to the target markets. Obviously, due to the location of such days and ceremonies, in different days and months of the year, it is possible to overcome the problem of seasonal tourism demand. Considering that each of the provinces of our country, in accordance with ethnic and cultural diversity, has special customs and traditions for holding this ancient ritual. Yalda night celebration, which is held in a special way in every part of our country, is a good opportunity to encourage compatriots to travel in the winter and visit special ceremonies of different ethnic groups on this night, which can lead to the development of domestic tourism.

The necessity of this is full familiarity with the manner and philosophy of the existence of this ritual ceremony and the effort to continue holding this ceremony among Iranians. Yalda night ceremony, like other historical rituals of this border and the environment of spiritual heritage of all generations has been through the centuries. In fact, the preservation and continuation of this heritage will bring sustainable and inexhaustible sources of tourist attractions to our country. Yalda night is one of the beautiful Iranian traditions that has come down from the distant past to the present day. Nightclubs are performed with the deepening of emotional and emotional relationships between individuals and families and even relatives and neighbors, and unfortunately today in cyberspace and its influence on the family, such ceremonies, or rather popular culture, make their manifestations less visible.

The traditions that are performed on this ritual night, including gatherings, Yalda night snacks, storytelling, nightlife, etc. can be held on a larger scale and while maintaining the originality, in a more planned and attractive way.

Planning for the integrated and simultaneous holding of this ceremony in all provinces of the country by the organization in charge of tourism and media coverage and live broadcast and at the same time through the national media will be solid steps to introduce and introduce this ritual to the people. On the other hand, introducing this ceremony through the Internet, along with attractive photos and videos of the show in foreign languages, can introduce people of other countries with different cultures to the ancient Iranian religion, and by celebrating such ceremonies and popular culture, there is a kind of uproar. Urban life and cyberspace established an emotional connection with real and real space and, more importantly, preserved and protected popular culture, which is the crystallization of our Iranian religious and national identity and beliefs.

Preserving the ancient Iranian customs and traditions is the duty of all people who are attached to this border and environment. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, together with other cultural institutions, including the UNESCO Regional Office, can play an effective role in introducing Iranian Yalda to other peoples of the world and world registration in the World Heritage List.

It should be noted that the development of tourism through the development and promotion of customs and traditions not only helps the economic sector and job creation, but also in preserving the history, civilization and ancient culture of this rich border.

Considering the prevalence of Coronavirus and Covid 19 in the world and in Iran, unlike previous years, when the emphasis was on the Yalda body of cyberspace and the period of families and the holding of cultural events, festivals and Yalda night mirror exhibitions, this year we should use cyberspace and Social networks make efforts to establish this ancient ritual and families and social groups try to keep Yalda alive by deepening friendship, kindness, compassion and respect by establishing this ritual and its traditions virtually and in line with the health of family members and observing health instructions. “The elders should try.”

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