Iran’s response to Trump’s recent threat

The Iranian foreign minister and foreign ministry spokesman responded to the US president’s claim that Iran was involved in the recent attacks on the Iraqi embassy in Iraq.

Iran's reaction to Trump's recent threat

Zarif answered Trump

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded to Trump’s tweets accusing Iran of meddling in the rocket fire at the US embassy in Iraq. “Putting your citizens in a dangerous position abroad will not divert attention from catastrophic break-ins at home,” he wrote on Twitter. Trump, in your own language »

Iran's reaction to Trump's recent threat

In this tweet, the Secretary of State mentioned the high death toll in the United States following the outbreak of Corona.

Zarif also referred to a number of Trump tweets during the Obama presidency, in which he claimed that Barack Obama would attack Iran. At the end of Barack Obama’s first term, Donald Trump said he was threatening Iran to win the election. In 2011, during Obama’s presidency, Trump tweeted: “Barack Obama, in order to be re-elected, “Iran will attack.”

Iran's reaction to Trump's recent threat

Khatibzadeh’s advice to Trump

Saeed Khatibzadeh, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in response to Trump’s exaggerations and claims, as well as the General Affairs Department of the Centcom Command against Iran, said: Aiming to overshadow the very difficult circumstances in which Trump finds himself.

Rejecting the accusations of Trump and Centcom, the State Department spokesman said: “As has been repeatedly stated, attacks on diplomatic and residential premises are rejected, and in this particular case the finger of blame is on the United States itself and its partners and allies in the region. Tensions and seditions are new.

Khatibzadeh added: “As we have said before, Iran’s response to US terrorism is obvious, courageous and at its own level, and therefore the US regime should use more plausible scenarios to justify its seditions.”

In the end, the Foreign Ministry spokesman warned the US President to avoid tensions and dangerous adventures in the last days of his life in the White House, adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran holds the US government responsible for the consequences of any unwise action in the White House.” Knows the current situation.

Iran's reaction to Trump's recent threat

Trump’s new threat against Iran

US President Trump accused Iran of launching a rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad on Sunday morning (Thursday) on his Twitter page, without providing any evidence or just sharing a picture of several unidentified mortar shells.

“Our embassy in Baghdad was hit by several rockets on Sunday,” he tweeted. Three rockets did not work. Guess where they came from: Iran. “We hear whispers of more attacks on Americans in Iraq now.”

The president then threatened: “Friendly safety advice to Iran: If an American is killed, I hold Iran responsible. “Review.”

Source: Fars