Is car body insurance mandatory or optional?

Body insurance After third party insurance, it is one of the best-selling insurance policies. Body insurance is a necessary insurance policy that almost every car must buy to compensate for possible damages. In this article, we want to clarify a little about the features of the best car body insurance, so do not miss the rest of the article.

Is body insurance mandatory?

Unlike third party insurance, body insurance is not mandatory, but because it provides the necessary coverage to car owners, it is considered a supplement to third party insurance and is highly recommended for purchase.

Why is body insurance necessary?

As we said, buying body insurance is not mandatory, which means that if your car does not have body insurance, there will be no fines or traffic bans for you. However, due to the increase in car prices, the cost of wages and replacement of body parts is necessary.

For example, suppose you are injured in a car accident and the third party insurance coverage of the guilty car is not enough to compensate you. How is the rest of the compensation paid? If you do not have body insurance, you should contact the Dispute Resolution Council for compensation. And spend a lot of time waiting to receive your compensation, but if you have body insurance, you can use your car body insurance without deducting your insurance discounts. This is one of the features of body insurance.

What are the benefits of body insurance?

Buying body insurance is one of the requirements of car owners. Because having body insurance compensates for the damage done to our car even if we are to blame. The obligation to pay is different in different circumstances, and paying small expenses and offering a discount on body insurance is commensurate with the benefits of body insurance. Of course, discounts are variable and each insurance company offers a different percentage as a discount. To find out about the companies’ discounts for body insurance, go to the insurance system and inquire about the price of your body insurance.

Benefits of body insurance

What damages does body insurance cover?

Obligations of the body insurance towards the insurers are divided into two categories. Additional coatings and main coatings. The main coverages are the hazards that are normally covered by the body insurance, which is also called the base cover. In addition to the main coverages, insurance companies also cover other risks that the insurer can purchase based on their needs and by paying more premiums, these coverages are called additional coverages.

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Main covers

In general, body insurance has identified four risks as the basis of its obligations. These coatings are immutable in obligations and deletions, so they are called original coatings. These coatings include:

  • Accident (collision with a stationary and moving object)
  • Fire, explosion and lightning
  • Total car theft
  • Car overturning or falling

Additional covers

One of the advantages of body insurance is that in addition to the main coverage of the insurer, they can add coverage to the obligations of the insurance policy by paying more premiums. These coverages are not provided by all insurance companies and may be different from each other. These coverages are also called additional or subsidiary coverages. Some of the coverages that can be provided by insurance companies are:

Broken glass

Damage caused by a change in temperature or condensation of the air inside the car that causes the glass to break can be compensated by the insurance company.

Spraying paint, acid and chemicals

This cover covers damage caused by spraying of chemicals, paint and acid on the insured vehicle.

natural disaster

Losses due to accidents and natural disasters can be compensated by purchasing this coverage from the insurance company.

Stealing in place of parts

Losses caused by theft of fabric and non-fabric parts and accessories of the car will be covered by the insurance company by purchasing this cover. For non-fabricated equipment such as car distribution and recording, it must be included in the offer form at the time of issuance of the insurance policy with details. Of course, this cover can not be purchased for public cars and rental.

Remove the franchise

Deductible is the amount of damages paid by the insurer. This amount can be deducted for general damages. Of course, this coverage is provided only by a limited number of insurance companies.

Draw nails and similar objects

Losses that the winning objects inflict on the car, such as nails, are covered by the insurance company. Of course, this coverage is provided only by Iran Insurance Company.

Price Fluctuation

The damages paid to the insurer are based on the current price of the car. In a situation where the car market is not price stable. Insurers to prevent the issuance of supplements regularly and easily in the purchase of body insurance by buying this cover to avoid possible deductions due to the increase in the daily price of the car.

The difference between body and third party insurance

What is the difference between body insurance and third party insurance?

In general, third party insurance and body insurance are complementary. In such a way that usually the damages, each of which may not be covered, are covered by the body insurance. In other words, in a car accident, the compensation of financial and personal damages to the injured party (vehicle or person) is compensated by the third party insurance company. However, damage to the car is not the fault of third party insurance obligations and body insurance should be used to compensate.

Of course, this is not and is not the only obligation of third party and body insurance. In third party insurance, which is a compulsory insurance, the loss of life to the driver is also covered by the insurance company.

In addition to accident, fire insurance and general theft are also included in the insurance of the body of the insurance company. Which can be increased by purchasing additional coatings. Of course, unlike third party insurance, body insurance is not mandatory, but buying it is highly recommended.

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