Is the British government right about the new type of Corona virus?

« Kerr Starmer The leader of the British Labor Party on Monday called on the government to provide a strong response to the crisis of the new type Corona virus And reject a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Criticizing Scotland’s efforts to hold a referendum on independence from Britain, Starmer told The Independent at a news conference: “An official should not allow it.”

The Labor leader, however, noted that the increase in support for Scottish independence by the people of the region, which was reflected in opinion polls, was “not surprising”.

He emphasized: ‌ «[حزب کارگر] “Under my leadership, he will do everything he can to regain your support for Britain and the Labor Party.”

“The virus is out of control,” Starmer said, warning of a new outbreak of coronavirus in Britain. “National flights have been banned and national borders have been closed.”

“Do not make a mistake,” he told the British government. This is a real emergency. “I believe the British people will once again step forward on the eve of this challenge, as they have done at every stage of the global epidemic, but they expect the government to do the same.”

“We can no longer see unrealistic promises, false hopes, confusing messages and slow decision-making,” Stammers said, criticizing the government’s performance in curbing the corona virus.

“We need a strong, transparent and decisive leadership,” he added. Prime Minister [بوریس جانسون] “People need to be honest about exactly what is happening and what they are going to do about it.”

“He should be here today after the meeting,” he told Johnson [اضطراری موسوم به] “Cobra should explain to the nation and then hold daily press conferences until these disorders are resolved.”

Twenty-six countries have canceled flights to the country since Saturday when the British government announced it had identified a new strain of the highly transmitted coronavirus. The United States is also said to be planning to cancel its flights to Britain.

“Similar strains have been observed in Denmark and Australia, and very similar strains have been reported in South Africa, the Netherlands and other countries,” said Dr Susan Hopkins, a British public health official.

According to the Daily Mail, now on the eve of the Christmas holidays and due to concerns about the reduction of food and other essential items following the suspension of flights to the UK, citizens have flocked to stores to stock up on necessities.

British government officials have urged citizens to stay home and abide by restrictions, stressing that the transmission of the new strain of the coronavirus is 70 percent greater than that of the previous type.

Britain’s health minister, Matt Hancock, acknowledged that the outbreak of the new type of coronavirus was “out of control” and said that coronary restrictions could remain in place for months.

Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicholas Sturgeon warned today (Monday) that a mutated form of the coronavirus that has spread to Britain needs the full attention of the authorities and that the situation is very serious.