Is the price increase still lurking in the Iranian economy?

According to economists and experts, the causes of inflation in society, or in other words, inflation, are changes in the monetary base and liquidity. Others, of course, consider the money supply trend to be effective in inflation. In a status report, these three variables are observed until the end of October to show how active the inflation potentials are. According to studies, the highest percentage increase of these three variables from October to October (point to point) compared to the same time period in ten Last year belongs to this year.

The highest one-year growth of liquidity belongs to the years 93 and this year. During the last ten years, the growth of liquidity in the period leading up to October has never been lower than 20%, which indicates the high growth of the liquidity variable in the Iranian economy. However, the highest rate of liquidity changes in the two-year period occurred in the period ending October this year.

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