Is World War III on the way?

The massive production of supersonic missiles by Russia and China in a relatively joint multi-year plan has caused panic in Europe. At first, the German media exposed these Eastern supersonic missiles. The British media then covered the issue, as did the Express in a recent report.

According to the British media, Deutsche Welle correspondent Gerhard Hegmann first unveiled the East Plan. China and Russia plan to build an ultrasonic missile that could once again plunge the world into the East and West dipoles, as well as the US-European alliance with Russia and China.

America is also ready to go to war

The problem is exacerbated when we learn that the United States and NATO have established various missile and anti-aircraft bases on Europe’s eastern borders, and at the same time Russia has announced that it has built submarines capable of carrying long-range ballistic missiles.

The German journalist believes that the completion of the ultrasonic missile project will upset the balance between the nuclear powers and will undoubtedly enter the West and the East into a new era of confrontation.

The development of supersonic missiles, along with the S-500 defense system, which may be completed by the end of 2021, are Moscow’s main military plans.

At the same time, the United States has announced that it will build new bases in Europe. The United States has also announced that it will deploy ultrasonic missiles at its European bases. With the end of Donald Trump’s term and the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House, US military activities in Europe are intensifying.

It should not be forgotten that, firstly, Biden has far more globalist leanings than Trump, and secondly, the issue of strategic confrontation with Russia is far more important to him than trade competition with China (unlike Trump). These two reasons clearly show that Biden is ready to enter a new round of the Cold War; The Cold War, which is being reshaped by both Putin and the Chinese Communist Party.

According to the Express, Australia is also concluding a contract with the United States to build a missile base in that country. By doing so, Australia is trying to protect itself from the threat of China and also to control the East. It is clear that if such a base is established, the confrontation between East and West will enter a new phase and will include the South.

Russian and Chinese military plans; Cold War vanguards

Analysts, however, say Russia is not too worried about the new US movement, and that Putin is pursuing his ambitious agenda step by step, regardless of the West. The development of ultrasonic missiles, along with the S-500 defense system, which may be completed by the end of 2021, are Moscow’s main military plans.

According to the Express, the strategic relations between China and Russia have increased after the US elections. Moscow and Beijing have begun extensive cooperation to show their power to Joe Biden because they know full well that Trump and his non-globalist policies are no longer known. And now they are facing a president who does not intend to leave the international arena.

This was also evident in a recent telephone conversation between the foreign ministers of China and Russia. “The United States is still in the grip of unilateral sanctions. Insisting on this will only lead to worse and more disgraceful effects on the world,” Chinese Foreign Minister Lavrov told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. . “

China and Russia have also reached a naval-air military agreement over the Sea of ​​Japan and the East China Sea, according to the Express. The agreement, signed on December 22, contains important strategic provisions. Under the agreement, China’s four H-6K strategic bombers with nuclear capability “to form a joint force” will join Russia’s two well-known Tu-95 bombers, which will be part of an “allied annual military cooperation program” between the two countries. .

The Global Times writes that such cooperation between China and Russia will continue and such alliances will soon become normal.

It remains to be seen what the reaction of the West and the United States will be to this move, and whether it could pave the way for the Cold War or, worse, World War III.

Comparison of military power between China, Russia and the United States from the perspective of Express: