Issue 255 of the monthly magazine on the counter

The latest issue of the monthly magazine, special for December 1999, was published with a special look at Mile Bektash.

According to ILNA, the special look of this issue of Mile Baktash magazine with articles such as Mile “Bektash, a genuine and lonely researcher!”, “Judge Baghdad new signs of the first theater movement in Iran (1313 1288 AH)” by Mile Baktash, “Towards Sociology of Iranian Theater “(Reflection on Mile Bektash’s research) by Gholamhossein Dolatabadi,” Remembrance of Mile Bektash and his first theatrical essay “by Niayesh Pourhassan,” The Scope of a Researcher’s Name ” On Bektash’s Critique of the Waiting for Godot “by Araz Barsaghian has been published along with interviews with Yadollah Agha Abbasi, Tajbakhsh Fanaian, Davood Fath Ali Beigi and Rahmat Amini.

Audiences can also critique the play “Darkness on the Stairs” entitled “Life Without Friction” by Mansour Khalaj and articles such as “The End of the Earth, Relying on Optimism” by Richard Schenker, translated by Majid Kianian, “Hildegard, the Jewel of Bingen” Also read in this issue Parisa Mahjoor and “Theater Companies in the Amenity of the Corona Pushing Push the Boundaries of Storytelling to Theater Audiences” by Kalsiakobsen, translated by Somayeh Yaghoubi.

The editorial of this issue is entitled “Theater, Truth, Research and Researchers!” Published by Nasrullah Ghaderi.

Issue 255 of the special play monthly of December 2016, edited by Nasrollah Ghaderi, has 96 pages and has been published and distributed to the general public interested in the field of theater at a price of 15,000 Tomans.