Issuing a call for ideas at the neighborhood level / launching a Friday market in Saei Park

According to reports EconomyOnline, Touraj Farhadi, in a meeting with the new managers of the 14 neighborhoods of this region, referring to the pyramid of urban management that starts from the mayor of Tehran and then reaches 22 mayors of the region, 124 mayors of the region and finally more than 350 neighborhood managers, said: The role of neighborhood managers based on this pyramid is the rule of the pyramid on which the whole pyramid is based.

He added: “Neighborhood managers need to have a plan for the neighborhoods and in order to advance the overall goals of the city, to gather people together and to create a conversation-based atmosphere, to assess the needs of the neighborhood and the tastes of the residents.” On the other hand, the manager of a neighborhood must communicate with all the real and legal elements and capacities that are in the neighborhood and work with them in some way.

The mayor of Tehran’s 6th district added: Doctors, artists, athletes, professors, educators and prominent figures live in the neighborhoods of Tehran’s 6th district or have offices that have national and international capacities; In relation to these elders and figures, define effective programs in the neighborhood, programs that can be modeled beyond the neighborhood, that is, at the regional level and even the entire city and country.

Farhadi, stating that the capacity of Tehran’s District 6 is more than the level previously seen by the district managers of this district, clarified: Tehran District 6 is a completely cultural district. The concentration of organizations, ministries, bookstores, book cafes, universities and numerous scientific and cultural institutions and centers that provide services to the whole country is high in this region. Without exaggeration in every neighborhood of this region in many ways there is more than one capacity city.

In another part of his speech, he stated: The neighborhood halls are not just places for stadium management, school management and kindergarten management. Neighborhood managers are not just neighborhood managers, but are expected to create a role as a neighborhood manager and see all aspects of the neighborhood’s social and cultural life. Therefore, the managerial view of neighborhood managers should not be focused on the management of the neighborhood building, but should be extended to the whole neighborhood.

Farhadi, emphasizing the planning of neighborhood managers to celebrate the elders of neighborhoods, said: “Neighborhood managers are expected to organize a series of activities that increase the skills of interaction and cooperation of citizens with each other and a sense of altruism.” Undoubtedly, the biggest asset that can protect the country from harm is bringing people closer to each other.

The mayor of Tehran’s 6th district, while asking the managers of the 14 neighborhoods of this district to have an analysis of the literacy level of the residents, age and gender composition, economic and social status, needs, opportunities and threats of each neighborhood, said: As long as the characteristics of the target community And if we do not know its needs, we can not define an effective program.

He added: “When you are aware of the characteristics of the community of students, women, the elderly, etc. in the neighborhood and compile a comprehensive atlas of your audience in the neighborhood, then you know where to start, how to participate and the amount of time and How much energy should you spend on each area? But if you do not have this knowledge, the programs may go in a direction that does not respond at all in your neighborhood and will not be welcomed.

Addressing the neighborhood managers, Farhadi said: “The expectation is that with support, empathy and synergy, and in order to serve the people, make every effort and provide high-level and culturally appropriate plans for District 6 through routine and repetitive programs;” The municipality of the region will eagerly and openly support the implementation of innovative and luxurious projects.

The mayor of Tehran’s District 6 added: “We will provide not only 14 neighborhood buildings in District 6, but also all the spaces under the supervision and management of the district municipality if the new and weighty plans are defined.” For example, neighborhood managers can set up Friday bazaars at booths in Saei Park, activate commuting, and provide a platform for local residents to sell their home-based products and products.

He asked the managers of the 14 neighborhoods of Tehran’s 6th district municipality to introduce themselves to the residents of the neighborhood by issuing a call for ideas or holding events such as selecting a model citizen, etc. in the neighborhoods, as well as a step to engage the citizens’ minds and attract Take their participation.

According to the report, the managers of Tehran’s District 6 neighborhoods, who have just received the new management term, met with the mayor of Tehran’s District 6 to discuss the problems of the buildings, issues in the field of income mismatch with expenses, especially in corona and semi-coronary conditions. The closure of activities and so on paid attention to Dr. Farah Edi.

Habibollah Ghafouri, the cultural deputy of Tehran Municipality, District 6, also recalled the history of social institutionalization in the urban area, pointed to the history of neighborhood management and emphasized on attracting more people’s participation in neighborhoods.