It was not an honor for me to take pictures with Stramaccioni

Victorious victim After a one-on-one draw Saipa And the oil industry in the ninth week Premier League He stated: “Our team had many goal opportunities, but the opposing coach says we could have won the game.” This is to deceive themselves and the people.

Last week also coached Peykan After the game, he told us that we were in control until the 60th minute, but that this is to deceive the people, himself and the management of Peykan Club. Please, friends, analyze based on the game video. They should not talk about a match in which they should have lost by 6 goals, as if they should have won by 4-5 goals.

He added: ‌ Maybe our team will perform poorly in this field, but one day Saipa’s bad luck will end and at that time the whole of Iran should take off their hats and do something to respect our team’s football. I tell my colleagues that I swear by the Quran, do not deceive the people and yourself, but work on the technical issues of football so that this field will move in our country.

The coach of Saipa football team explained that in recent days everyone is talking about supporting a special team: “These words are also to deceive people and cover up our weakness if you mean the special team of Persepolis as an independence from the youth.” I started my career in this team and became the captain of the adult team. I say that it is one of the most technical teams in Iran that everyone sees its football. This football team played well against Textile and the final of the Asian Champions League.

The victim added: “I have nothing to do with planning the league because whatever planning is done, in the end, what happens on the field is important.” Teams strengthen themselves technically and then beat any team like Persepolis, Esteghlal and Saipa who claim to be a special team, but we all only deal with marginal issues. We become technically weaker every day and we want to name a special team. To deceive the public mind.

He continued: م I respect the society, but due to the low level of football literacy of the people, these professions do not have a document and a technical basis. We accept everything and turn around in vain. The countries of the region run past us, but we want to reach them with camels.

The coach of Saipa football team said about why he is willing to be with Ebrahim Sadeghi despite not accepting his assistant Andrea Stramaccioni: “I value my work and I want to work. It may be a great honor to take a photo with Stramaccioni but it is not an honor for me.” . I want to be somewhere, have the power to act and be able to work. This issue is provided for me in Saipa. Ebrahim Sadeghi and Saipa Club have provided this environment for me.