Jafar Ahangaran announced the performance balancing strategies of the Kish Free Zone Organization

In a note, Jafar Ahangaran presented strategies to balance the organization’s performance in four areas: staff, internal and operational processes, customers and stakeholders, and finance.

Referring to the remarkable achievements of the Kish Free Zone Organization in various cultural, social and economic fields, which was made possible by the efforts of former managers and employees of this organization, he stated: To focus the future efforts of colleagues and resources of the organization to achieve Strategic goals should focus on 4 distinct areas of emphasis emphasized by successful organizations in the world.

According to Jafar Ahangaran, through the formation of four committees of staff, operational and internal processes, customers and stakeholders, and finance, the organization’s issues will be followed up and reports related to the CEO will be provided.

The head of the Kish Free Zone Organization considered competent and capable employees as the main assets of any organization and stressed the need for growth and learning, increasing the ability and meeting the needs of employees.

He stated that the benefit of employees from the necessary training and efforts to increase their ability and creativity and address their concerns, provides space for continuous improvement of internal and operational processes of the organization: By forming a human resources committee with experts, The most important growth and learning needs as well as staff issues and challenges are identified and planned to address them.

Ahangaran stated: In order to achieve the goals of the Process Committee, update, improve and simplify work and operational processes in the financial, civil, research, educational, information and policy-making sectors and the like in accordance with current conditions and needs. Tracks customers and stakeholders.

Emphasizing that improving the internal and operational processes of the organization will lead to customer and stakeholder satisfaction, he said: “Improving the performance of organizational processes, which is a natural result of growth and learning, has guaranteed the youth and dynamism of the organization.” The reason for the superior position and role of modeling, more than any other organization needs dynamism and freshness.

The head of Kish Free Zone Organization mentioned customers, clients, people, tourists, investors and economic activists as important components in explaining the existence of the organization and employees and said: “Unfortunately, in some organizations, clients and stakeholders, despite their importance.” , Are less noticed and are considered a missing link.

Ahangaran announced the formation of a committee to identify the needs and challenges of stakeholders and provide the necessary solutions to increase their satisfaction and added: “Continuing their satisfaction is the basis for the continuation of activity and growth of financial income of the organization.”

He stated that the performance of each organization ultimately shows itself in the form of revenues and expenditures in the form of financial statements. And the natural consequence of these approaches is access to sustainable financial resources.

Jafar Ahangaran emphasized: Organizing organizational movements and developments within the framework of the four areas will undoubtedly provide a new, transparent, clean, dynamic, agile, adaptable and ethical face of the Kish Free Zone Organization.

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