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Mehr News Agency – Provinces Group: Although the high prices have put pressure on many sections of the population and have caused head of households to have big and small financial problems, but there are beauties in the corners of these problems.

Just as during the eight years of the holy defense, when the country was facing the most difficult economic and welfare problems, but the people shared one heart and one voice, even the eggs of their homes, with the warriors; Even now, many different segments of the people have created beautiful scenes by preparing livelihood packages and delivering them to the needy.

This custom, which is reminiscent of the method and character of our Imam, Imam Ali (AS), flourished with the spread of the corona in the country and has now become a beautiful custom among the people.

However, tonight we will spend the longest night of the year; A night when, according to us Iranians, we should gather together and eat nuts, fruits and snacks. Although it is not possible to gather together on this night, some people also have problems in preparing the necessities of Yalda night.

It is here that the jihadi people of North Khorasan came to work and individually or in groups bought fruits and other materials and distributed them among the needy, some examples of which we will examine.

100 packages of food and fruit were distributed

Students and religious groups were ahead in this spontaneous exercise. Mehdi Sari, the head of the Bojnourd Student Jihadists Association, told Mehr: “Following the implementation of the Shahid Soleimani Student Basij project, 100 food packages including rice, pasta, paste, fruit, etc. were prepared and used for the victims of Corona on Yalda night.” devoted.

He added: “These packages were prepared in accordance with the health protocols that were presented to the target community.”

Sari, emphasizing that the fruit packages were prepared with the help of students, professors and charities, said: “These packages were distributed in Baqer Khan, Javadiyeh and Sandalabad areas of Bojnourd city.”

Jihadi women at the work of kind Yalda

Esmat Baghchaghi, the head of Imam Hassan (AS) student population of Bojnourd, also stated in an interview with Mehr: 230 packages of fruits and snacks on Yalda night, each worth 50,000 Tomans, by Imam Hassan (AS) student population and jihadi groups of Bojnourd universities Distributed to the needy.

He added: “Approximately 20 jihadi students and sisters were active in this movement.”

In the end, Baghchaghi stated: The activities of preparing and packing items were carried out in the father house of the great martyrs of the city, Emamifard, and were distributed among the needy.

The jihadi group of Shahid Alam al-Huda of Payame Noor University of Bojnourd also participated in this exercise. Ali Jafari, the head of the student mobilization of this university, announced this news: 40 packages of fruits and snacks worth 2 million Tomans for Yalda night were distributed among the needy on the outskirts of the city by the jihadi group of Shahid Alam al-Huda, the student mobilization of Payame Noor University of Bojnourd.

He added: “We hope that in these difficult conditions of Corona, with the support of all the dear people, we can make a happy Yalda night for the needy in the city, and we wish that this worthy model will spread.”

Masjidi Hi Who want to make a beautiful Yalda night

The mosques of the province were also working and each of them tried their best to put a smile on the lips of the injured people.

Ayub Ghasemi, director of the Qadr Cultural and Artistic Center in the province of Panjtan Al-Aba Mosque in Maneh and Samolghan, announced the preparation of 20 livelihood packages including sacrificial meat and a gift card of 100,000 Tomans on the occasion of Yalda night with the cooperation of the mosque’s staff. Distributed needy families were distributed.

Asghar Langari, director of Allameh Amini Cultural and Artistic Center in Bojnourd, also announced the implementation of the “Yalda of Empathy” project by the residents of Quds Mosque, Sadeghieh Alley, Bojnourd, and stated: “This project aims to help the needy and buy fruit for the needy.”

He added: “According to this, the provision of 100 shares of 10 thousand Tomans to help the families of Sadeghieh neighborhood was considered, which was implemented.”

Langari also announced the distribution of sacrificial meat among 30 needy families on the eve of Yalda night and said: 300 loaves of bread were distributed free of charge among the identified needy.

If we walk around the city for a while, we will see that a car stops on the side of the road and gives a package to a child who is selling flowers at the crossroads, and many of these things happen under the skin of the city, so these are very small corners of the sea. It was the help of the people that was expressed.